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How We Started

Technogiq IT Solutions is Leading-edge Software, IT, ITES, Saas based app Development Company. We offer software solutions, data-driven marketing and cloud based services for all types of start-ups as well as blue-chip companies to help grow their business. We use agile way of development for faster and smoother execution of projects, thus delivering robust software products in the shortest time to market.

Technogiq IT Solutions has been established with the motive of becoming one of the best IT & Software company in India. Our objective is to create software solutions for the offshore clients providing quality work and within their budget. We started Technogiq IT solutions Pvt. Ltd with an objective to reach global heights and build success for businesses and clients.

We have established our reputation in the industry through our commitment to clients and have always believed in fulfilling our promise through ROI based solutions for them. We started with a small venture with high hopes of becoming a global leader in near future.

Technogiq IT solution is everywhere holding a team of 100+ developers covering all the domains and providing leading expert business solutions across the globe. Our team is professional with diverse and extensive portfolio knowledge providing solutions to various clients. We have been recognized as a leading web development company in Germany, US, UK and across the globe.



We started in 2015 as a small venture with 3 developers to offer best in class software solutions to our clients. Our focus was to build ROI based solutions that can help clients in improving their sales and revenue. We strive on building sustainable relationship that is mutually beneficial.



We gradually started growing and focused on a centralized global business model by creating an experienced team offering best in class business solutions to our clients. We were a team of 35+ developers and were planning to open our offices in places like Pune and Indore for their commercial benefits and with an aim to expand.



We joined hands with Europe based firm Maurizio to assist with office work and other development know-how. We were able to put in place standard activities of project management like scheduling, planning and delivery. Our Implementation phase focused more on the growth of team strength to overcome technology barriers and increase client relationships.



We are working on increasing the work velocity, client efficiency, company visibility and enhancing client relationships. We are planning to be a team of 150+ developers worldwide. We also plan to open a new office space in the USA soon. Our global delivery model focuses on the best resources to be drawn to offer optimal solutions for today’s agile business environments.
Our Team members

Aditya S.



Sachin S.



Maurizio Picone.

[Head of Operation (Europe)]


Anant S.

[Board Member]


Shubham N.

[HR Manager]


Bhavna T.

[Development Lead]


Navneet Dubey

[Head of Operations (Gulf Region)]