Work is easy when you have all tools around you!

Technogiq help organizations to implement production-grade solutions driven by permission and public blockchain networks. We have been contributing to open-source blockchain initiatives, which inspire new business models across industries and help them to grow. Enabling knowledge transfer, we help our customers to gain competitive advantage.

Technogiq understand the business requirement of the clients and helps the enterprises to start off their blockchain journey by evaluating which blockchain offering on the market fits a particular case. Our aim to develop a variety of blockchain with their own consensus and storage models, identity services, access control, and contracts.

Many competitive organizations are working on block-chain technology and our team of experts suggesting the best business models and turnkey for the new source of revenue for any business. Technogiq takes care of compliance security for the client like PCI and EMV.


Smart Contract Solutions

For the data security and viability we entrust our blockchain using smart contract. Push the data to that contract so that it could execute the desired command Ethereum is a platform that’s built specifically for creating smart contracts.

Proof of Concept

Validating technical approaches offered by blockchain framework, we analyze and address the solutions is good for your organization or not and also identifies the aspects for the future references.

Blockchain Consulting

Technogiq believes in right full consulting for rightful solution. We offers the suggestion and learning for the products you working and our experts tries to remove the technology constraint if any for the smooth flow of work.

What we do


Ethereum is one of the blockchain technology specially dedicated to smart contract platform. It help in creating etherum application, smart contract script is prefer to be one of the best and convenient blockchain solutions to grow your business successfully.


Our team is expert in creating API in Web3js helps in leveraging your business to flow smoothly through blockchain network. Web3js creates as API which allow user to retrieve, send transactions, interact to the blockchain system.


We ensure better software solutions to business worldwide, assisting the trending currency exchange system. We do blockchain Api integration, payment gateway, blockchain application development, ICO scripts.


Our main aim is to fulfill the hyperledger protocols and standards across various industry domains. Our team is proficient in using tools hyperledger burrow, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger sawtooth, hyperledger Indy, hyperledger Iroha. We assist our client delivering real-time, scalable, solutions for storing, tracking and retrieving each data.


One of the powerful money sending functional source through blockchain is ripple, Its instant and cost effective. Our Programmers are establishing Ripple connection through ripple trading exchange development, ripple wallet, decentralized ripple development, ripple mobile app.


We follow a standard blockchain architecture pattern for developing Dapps, digital token system, ethereum virtual machine and fullstack blockchain applications. Our line of codes written with solidity is easy, flexible and customizable. We work in solidity tools like Solidity REPL, Solgraph, Evmdis, Doxity and many more.