Work is easy when you have all tools around you!

Technogiq is renowned analytics solutions consultant offers predictive and business Analytical solutions which save money, mitigate risk and drive innovative solutions to eliminate blind spot and find millennial customers analytics solutions making efforts in driving new marketing and design concepts.

We developed a technology architecture strategy, provided design expertise and outlined engineering plans to launch in multiple countries at scale. Our engineering teams built for today but planned technology for future and suggest clients about the best for them.

Our solutions are based on unparalleled growth, valuable database, top-notch services, Data personalization features, better architecture and design.



Our architecture team is constantly working on every section of development and diverse engineering make us unique from others.


We are working on latest tech-stack to connect the trending marking and help our clients to engage with the customer for long term.


Our main aim to provide an analytics solutions for digitally connected environment for your data, people, and systems.

What we do

Machine Learning

Our procedure is intuitive Firstly investigate the data collected from many sources, Secondly Our expects analyze data, thirdly we do algorithm selection, model tuning and advanced engineering system, Fourthly creating prediction models for the smooth flow business.

Face and Object Detection

Transforming business with computer visionary intelligence. Using the analytic solutions visualizing manual process by unlocking the tools at your fingertips for better customer experience. are working on synapse like.

Testing Automation

Many enterprises focusing on open source tools and our services for automation testing helps your business at low cost reliable and agile script for web and app. Automation testing secure the software accuracy, increase quality result high ROI.

Time Series Analysis

Business forecasting is always important to analyze big data. Our experts are working on time series tools API which integrates in your system to get accurate statistical data which helps in analyzing meaningful data.


NLP Tools

Now a days big firms required to secure the classified data and want to analyze those for better prediction for the enterprise. We develop tool with AI which converts text strings to meaningful data Techniques like TFIDF, CNN, GRU, and Tensor flow helping business to solve problems.

Data Visualization

Our AI services assisting data to fetch automatically that helps in generating visualizations of data. To make data more relevant and statistically correct. We follow a modeling process to give relevant, accurate records of different data sources in a single entity.


We are proficient is developing modules for your business to integrate the chat bots and voice bot systems. To make your presence online we simplify things by make you interactive to the end users.

Backend development

We offer enterprise solutions for the backend assistance developing software solutions, web solutions, Business Assistance , mobile application, Website Marketing, Virtual assistance for the end users.