Artificial Intelligence

Work is easy when you have all tools around you!
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We have an in-house team of experts that know in and out of AI and the way it can be used to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. We make use of NLP to help machines build a data library to be able to interact and understand human behavior in a more advanced way.

We know Artificial Intelligence services are potent enough to transform any business. We at Technogiq apply AI-based services to our various products and use the latest web development tools to enhance the efficiency of our business.

AI solutions for better analysis of physical world

Automation of manual task

Character recognition optically and solutions for data capturing to extract information from any documents that eliminate the manual processes.

Labeling of Image Data

Models with deep learning that identifies and tags people and objects automatically in videos and pictures.

Recognition of Human activity

Intelligent models for the recognition of human posture are used in healthcare, surveillance, sports training, and many more things.
Discovery AI

We deeply analyze your IT capabilities, data, and challenges to find some business opportunities. Then, we fix the cases and create a map to show the journey of AI software development.

Design AI

Technogiq designer explains the feature set of the AI solution, create the architectural design, and select the correct tools and technologies.


POC is backbone of AI; Proof of concept is an important document that gives an image to your idea. Technogiq developers build machine learning models with AI-based algorithms and constantly test them for feasibility.

Implementaion AI

We create an application that is trusted by the best development practices of AI, integrated with ML models, and then, into the desired environment we introduce your solution.

Industry-Based AI development and consulting services

By using our industry-based knowledge, we process business and its challenges and hence, modify our Artificial Intelligence services according to your needs. If you wanted to automate your back-office procedures, improve security, introduce an innovative product or boost customer experience, our artificial intelligence developers will always help you with their expertise and knowledge.

Our AI software development and AI consulting approach

Our company provides end-to-end AI software development and consulting services, from data preparation for AI algorithms to rolling out services for many users. We always help you with the best Artificial Intelligence service solutions.