Top Important factors why Mobile App Development popular in Dubai

In former years, mobile app development is becoming a thriving industry.

Currently, many mobile app developers are dedicated to keeping this industry on top in the market. 

With these industry types, it is clear that mobile application development in Dubai is the main factor for the succession of a business.

Most people are using the internet on their mobile phones

With the increased use of the internet on smartphones or tablets, mobile app development is having an exceptional ability to access the biggest potential consumers. With the launching of various mobile apps, the usage and sales of smartphones and tablets also increases. 

Nowadays, android applications and iOS applications are highly in demand. Users always look for any app according to their needs, requirements, and use. An operating system is the first thing to consider while developing. Android applications work differently and are made user-friendly as compared to iOS applications.

Earlier business owners use various flyers, advertisements, catalogs, and brochures to enhance their sales. But at present, they don’t need these approaches for introducing their business. With the increased use of smartphones, one mobile app is equaled to a brochure, newspaper, cash register, catalog, etc. 

The biggest advantage of a mobile application for businesses

There are various advantages of creating and distributing a mobile application. The top advantages of mobile app development can be given as follows:

1. Loyalty Building

Mobile applications work constantly to increase the loyalty of the customer, mainly in the trading sector.

2. Emphasize your brand

Mobile applications offer the opportunity for brand strengthening via the new channel. With the mobile applications, customers are engaged to download the advanced version of the app, where they are allowed to customize according to their preferences and needs.

3. Enhances your Visibility

Mobile apps help businesses to increase visibility by increasing usability.

4. Sales Enhancement 

This channel helps a firm to expand faster and it also helps in rapid sales growth. It depends on the target customers or audience any company has.

With promotions, discounts, and bonus pop-up notifications you can attract consumers to buy things from your business. You can also contact directly customers to make purchases from your apps those who already installed, by sending them a message for special offers and discounts on a day-to-day basis. Thus, this technique will help you to attract more and more business.  

5. Optimization of Business Process

Developer can create an application for the interaction of workers within the firm with their team so that they can create, manage and monitor any process; run or cumulate some statistics, exchange their data, and files, etc. mobile app development company in Dubai helps in how it is effectively used for the creation, automation, and organization of different business-related tasks. 

These are the important factors why Mobile app development is popular in Dubai. For more information about mobile app development services, visit our website atTechnogiq IT Solutions.

Top Factors of Android and iPhone Mobile App Development

Nowadays, android applications and iOS are extraordinarily in demand respectively. Users are looking for the apps according to their needs and requirements. The first attention in development goes to Android and iPhone Operating Systems. Apps in androids are made user-friendly while in iOS they work differently. This feature makes Android and iPhone more loved among people. 

Here are a few factors that should be considered when choosing the android app development:

  1. Research
  2. Identification of Targeted Audience
  3. Features of Mobile Application Platform
  4. Selection of Right Platform
  5. Operating System (O.S.)
  6. Plan of Action
  7. Budget Friendly
  8. The focus of Strategies for Marketing
  9. Testing

These are the basic factors to be considered, other things to keep in mind are given as follows:

  • Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) –

While cloud computing has brought a huge amount of strength to computing for all businesses, the creation of Artificial Intelligence that enhances regular task performance or procedures becomes easier. 

The flexibility of results is both the weakness and strength of Artificial Intelligence development. You can use it to automate different tasks, integrating image identification, processing of natural language, or analysis of data.

In addition, only the training process is computing-heavy. The currently trained network can be efficiently utilized and introduced on smart devices, with no consumption of the processor.

  • Instant Apps-

Instant apps in the Android and iOS app development are not rare; instead, they still became popular. Instant apps allow users to try new applications or games without installing them on mobile or any other device. It prevents consumers to download any app, thus it helps to use the faster web and directly with no need to install them. 

This instant app technology helps games and E-commerce businesses. This app does not occupy any extra space on mobile phones or smart devices and thus it reduces unnecessary interruption in the system. The major benefit of this is getting full access to the mobile application with no need of downloading them; it has extra storage space, remarkable UX/UI design, and compatibility over each Android and iPhone gadget.

  • Multiplatform Development-

Flutter is the latest technology from Google and also it is a future opportunity for Android App development. This structure permits android app development with the use of an inhabitant interface for the platforms Android and IOS. Numbers of developers pick this platform as an implementation tool for making mobile phone apps due to its flexibility and combinability. A good company for android app development in Dubai offers you their best services. 

Few main reasons to prefer Flutter include:

  1. It’s native designing
  2. Easy and simple to learn feature
  3. Development of MVP

As software developers join Flutter dynamically into the process of app development that makes the technology most used in android app development.

That’s why businesses in Dubai should not overlook the Android and iPhone App development and only appoint some of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai. For more information, feel free to contact our experts or visit our website at Technogiq IT Solutions.

A Complete Guide to Turn Your Shopify Store into A Mobile App

Shopify Development Company in Dubai

E-commerce has completely modified the trading scenario; it also helps sellers to showcase their stuffs online instead of putting them in stores. That is why, it is important to expand E-commerce stores that show an ideal blend between functionality and aesthetics. Out of so many e-commerce platforms, Shopify is the top choice of vendors who wanted efficiency and quality along with rich features and simplicity.

Shopify is a perfect option for those stores which sell products or services and they needed a minimum amount for configuration. Sellers can sell any single product or more than one product by executing the homepage section of Shopify according to their business necessity. This will ultimately boost their business demand as well as their revenue for a business. 

To compete with the latest market, it is important to turn your Shopify into a Mobile App. Here is a complete guide on how to turn your Shopify store into a Mobile App:

Pick a Shopify App

To turn a Shopify store into a mobile app, first of all, you have to select a Shopify App that offers you technology with the seamless checkout offers, enabled product listing to your users.

Setting up your account on the app

Once you are done with choosing an app builder to turn your Shopify store into an App, sign up to get an account. Go with the option for Shopify App that gives you a free trial option. This option helps you to measure how well it helps to turn your Shopify store into a Mobile App. 

Add up your Shopify store to an app

A Shopify application makes it easier for you to build a native application for your store. All you have to do is just add your Shopify store’s link to the app. It enables the mobile application creator to access all the information of your listed products and make all the important navigations, categories, etc of your app ready.

Customize your Application

Take a quick look at generated app using the creator of Shopify Mobile App. Customize to alter the banner image, the logo, and other features that match the personality of your desired Shopify store. App creator for your desired Shopify store offers you different customizable options and it also helps you with the guidelines for how to create an app.

Publish your Shopify App

It is very easy to get a mobile app from your Shopify store and keep running it. With the Android App and IOS, you are ready to target maximum smart phone users. 

This is how you can turn your Shopify Store into a Mobile App. Shopify Development Company in Dubai helps you to get a mobile app with ease and they provide you all desired guidance as well. 

Technogiq IT Solutions UAE is one of the best android app development companies in Dubai, UAE that provides Shopify App Development services for your business. We help our clients to meet their business needs and goals. For more information, visit our website.

Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs a Mobile Application

With the emergence of modern technologies, mobile apps have become an inseparable part of each business and brand for reaching more audience. Mobile apps have revolutionised the way retailers and brands now connect with their customers and offer their products and services. Traditional ways such as bulletin boards and printing materials have been replaced by progressive and adaptive mobile apps.

With the demand growing more for mobile apps, a number of mobile app development companies have come into the picture that offer quality services to their clients. As a brand looking to build your own e-commerce mobile application, you should always opt for professional mobile app development services for best results. Let’s take a look as to why is it important to have a mobile application for your e-commerce business.

Improve customer experience

There is a demand from the modern day customer for personalized experience and offers. Mobile apps can help you provide highly personalized experience to your clients. By making use of customer data and their search and purchase behaviour and trends you can create specialized offers for your different clients at different times.

Higher conversion rate

It is a proven fact that mobile apps lead to higher conversion rates. Your potential clients can easily get converted to permanent and loyal customers which will not only boost your sales but result in increased brand value. Features like personalized push notification and easy checkout process leads to improved customer experience. And when customer feels at ease while using mobile app it leads to better conversion rates.

Improved brand recognition

Improved brand recognition is one other important advantage you get from having a mobile app. Since a number of customers spend good number of hours using mobile app, it becomes easy for brands to connect with their customers. A beautiful UI/UX design can lead a lasting impression on your customer. A robust and an attractive mobile app helps in engaging users for a long time making customers advertise your brand and services for you free of cost.

Increased sales and revenue

Mobile apps are easily manageable and user-friendly. They help provide customers with personalized experience through push notifications, offers and other options. So when customer receives offers that are tailor made for them, they tend to purchase more. And this helps your business grow sales and revenue over a sustained time period. The more you offer to your customers, more are chances that you will have higher sale conversions.

We are Technogiq IT Solutions, a leading mobile app development company. We offer mobile development services to clients from UAE and across the globe. Our ROI based solutions have helped our clients grow their business and boost sales. If you have a project in mind, let’s connect.