Does Website Speed Affect Website Ranking?

Google is typically looking over user experiences. While building a website you put lots of money, time, effort, and labor to curate and design content for the website beautifully. Then, it is important for you to make a plan for the proper ranking and SEO of your website.

Google already estimated through their research that only a few seconds is the average patience level of a user. So, if you did not increase the speed of your website then it might create issues related to the bouncing rate. Speed is considered as an important factor while SEO (search engine optimization) and conversion rates.

If your website faces a loading issue this still is not a challenging problem to solve, but the challenging thing is to find out where exactly the issue is. Loading problem involves poor coding, high-resolution images, heavy elements, etc. you have to figure out the main issue and fix them as soon as possible. 

To know the score of your website, you need to put your website link on google rank checker and if you get a score of 100%, then your website is safe and its speed is fast.


Faster website loading = lesser website bounce rate;

Slower website loading = higher website bounce rate.

So, to get a high rank on search engines, you have to consider the loading speed of a website as an important subject. But if your site loads faster, then you may get the benefit to be ranked in the top 10 list of search engines. And, understandably, the top 10 websites receive the highest clicks. 

According to research, if your website loads faster than the possibility of bouncing rate is lesser but if it takes more seconds to load, then the possibility of bouncing rate is high. So, according to a survey, it is clear that fast-loading websites attract more users as compared to a slow one, and hence this makes more revenue to their website with the doubled traffic.

Usually, the cause for longer website speeds is poor coding and high-resolution pictures. So, keep a few things very clear in mind before creating a website for your business. And that is the main motive why there are so many things to consider while improving website speed and search engine optimization in Dubai.

To resolve this issue, the prior step to consider while building your plan must be to strategize and then most importantly create precise and attractive content. It does not even matter if it is not as much, let it be less, it will be more effective!

In a conclusion, the speed of your website will always play an essential role, and hence, always prioritize speed and create a well-thought plan for the succession of your website. So, if you have any questions regarding a custom software development company in Dubai, then, get in touch with us at Technogiq IT Solutions.

Different Ways a Right Software Development Company Can Boost Your Business Revenue

custom software development company in Dubai

The needs and demands of customers are working as a driving force in the market, at present times competition in any business is very challenging and tight. The development and progression of technology make it possible for industries to provide more than their competitors, sophisticated facilities and extra services to their customers.

In this era of technology, industries have the advantage of availing different types of software that helps to boost their business. Undoubtedly, online existence is becoming so important, but it is also very important to utilize the correct type of plan and strategy accordingly. 

There are several businesses in the market which offer you customized development of software. These businesses not only make designing of correct software but they also make sure that it is modified as per your needs. Keeping a record of all detail is important when you wanted the overall development of any business. 

Personalized services and business strategy are in demand

All work happens with one click of a key, but a personalized service provides a better opportunity for any industry to sustain itself. The overall approach or scheme that a company uses influences its sustainability and growth in the market. That’s why it is essential while planning for any business you should go with the services of an industry that offers development of software as well. 

Let see how the right software development company can boost your business revenue:

For the best possible results of a business strategy, an industry that deals with the development of software guide you perfectly on an initial stage. The professionals working in the industry are trained experts who have the knowledge and natural skills required for the development of software. Depending on the requirement of any business, the professional make necessary modifications and suggestions in software for your business.  

The development of software helps to save your time

Make use of customized designing of software helps you to save so much of your precious time. We all know that time is a valuable thing and try to use it wisely for growing your business perfectly. The perfect approach or scheme that a company uses influences its sustainability and growth in the market. 

As the owner of a business, you need to look at every small detail to make sure your business grows ideally. 

The software simplifies your job and keeps you updated

There are several time-consuming and complicated tasks in industries. These works got simplified when you choose customized software for your business. But it is also very important to utilize the correct type of plan and strategy accordingly. 

The requirement of mobile software is not only a luxury to their users but it becomes a necessity. Nowadays, many businesses are integrated with mobile-based apps that offer flexibility to their customers. 

This is how the right custom software development company in Dubai can boost your business revenue.

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