COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak Happens in Our Community


As pandemic spreads swiftly, it’s impressive to see how each of us is handling the ongoing explosion and uncertainties around COVID-19. First and foremost, we are all concerned about wellbeing and health of ourselves, and of the people around us friends, family and our colleagues. These concerns plus rapid development of global spread of virus globally and of the measure is being taken by government bodies together make that hard work, and lots of creativity and adaptability are required to continue this operation. We all discussed this matter with their colleagues and line manager, but I would like to update you on some specifics-

Self-quarantine requirements:

Any people arriving from affected areas as per the WHO current list or in cases where deemed necessary, should apply a 14 days self-quarantine regime. Should avoid any gathering till the end of isolation period. It’s important to understand that self-isolation is only applicable to people who have contacted the virus. If the quarantined person feels well, they may go outside (by using private vehicle) for a limited period to take care of daily routine and necessary activities. Try to avoid rush hours of day.

Personal hygiene and social distance:

Be socially responsible, if you are sick stay at home, and maintain good hygiene. Keep respectable distance from others, limit walk around or use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask when doing so, limit the number of people in one room, don’t shake hands, avoid close contact with people, stay in touch with others by phone or email.

Clean and disinfect your home or office to remove germs, practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, nose and eyes. The cleaning regime has again been increased but for any concern and suggestion please concert doctor.
A big request to all of you to proactively act to mitigate certain exposure risk. Any great ideas or suggestions please share them with all.

During a COVID-19 (respiratory virus) outbreak in our community, stay home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed. Avoid crowds, especially in unhygienic places, your risk of exposure may increase in crowded, closed-in settings with little air circulation if there are people in the crowd who are sick. Avoid all non-essential travel including Flight, train, bus or travel on cruise ships.

Worldwide cases till 19th March 2020 (6:38 pm) – 226,418
Deaths- 9,285
Recovered- 85,831


Every concern country which are affected widely are so angry and helpless why they didn’t take this issue seriously this lockdown situation must be on the moment Chinese virus started. Many lives would have been saved, why authority act always late when crises are high. When we don’t have antidote of any disease at least such issues which are rampanting the country who must advice all to lock down so that such problem cannot be in future. Universal lockdown is the only conclusion to defeat the virus till the vaccine would not invent. Countries which are in a strict lockdown found unintended benefits. Those people who are breaking the lockdown law are putting problem not only for them but for the society also. Aim of lockdown is to reverse epidemic growth, reducing case numbers by social distancing the entire population.