5 Ways to Get More Clicks and Sales Using Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads is mainly a search engine platform for marketing that is essential for any E-commerce store. With the help of this marketing platform, a Google ad displays brand advertisements to its users when they search for a product.

 Based on the listing of the brand’s product, and query for searches, Google has an in-built algorithm to show videos that are relevant to business in the product advertisement form. This is the main objective of Google Shopping Ads.

Know why you should use Google Shopping Ads!

  1. You will get bigger targeted traffic.
  2. It has a higher potential to reach desired customers.
  3. You will get a higher rate of return as compared to spend on Ads.
  4. It can be optimized and managed easily.
  5. Google Shopping Ads provides you with competitive data for your business.

Now, let see ways to get more clicks and sales using Google Shopping Ads:

1. Optimize titles for your products

Since Google Shopping Ads are not based on keyword process, but you have to make sure that titles of products should be highly optimized along with the correct selection of words. 

2. Optimize your categories and description for product feed

Add correct information in the categories and description segment of your product feed; so that Google shopping ads management will find out when it has to show your product. 

3. Optimize your product representations and images

While you selecting a product image make sure it fulfils all the desires and requirements of the targeted audience. Your online user will get to know more about your product with the potent images. Always use high-quality images for ads. 

4. Use extensions for Google Shopping Ads

These extensions for Google Shopping Ads are used to disclose the advantages of products. The four types of available extensions of Google merchant ads for businesses are:

  • Price Drops
  • Merchant Promotions
  • Product Ratings
  • Advertisements for Local Inventory

Google launch these latest extensions for making online shopping business more competitive and competent.

5. Use products review and rating technique

Reviews and ratings are used to make a direct connection with desired customers. Maximum customers buy any product based on previous user’s reviews and ratings on products. And sometimes suggestions or recommendations of strangers attract the crowd towards your product.

You can use numbers or stars for the rating of your product that helps other audiences to buy your product. These ratings should be highlighted in your Google Ads so that you get more attention than before. 

So, these are the ways to get more clicks and sales using Google Shopping Ads.

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