5 steps to increase Shopify Store Sales using Mobile Application


Shopify is the first eCommerce brand that comes to mind when you think about online businesses. You will need the best strategy of marketing since this is a well-known platform in the world of eCommerce. You need to build Shopify mobile application for your business because it helps you to easily connect with your users and thus, enhances your revenues. If you wanted to attract huge audiences and wanted to remain in the competition, then, it is essential to launch Shopify mobile application for your business.

Here in this post, we will discuss the 5 steps to increase Shopify store sales using the mobile application:

1. Push Notification Services

Using a mobile application for your Shopify eCommerce, you have greater control over what messages you want to deliver to your customers. You may achieve the same thing with emails; however, they aren’t as powerful as mobile push messages. Setting a properly balanced app with a particular push message alert strategy may help to enhance audience engagement.

2. Enhanced Personalization Feature

User prefers customized recommendations from their sellers. Mobile application helps retailers to provide the exact requirements of their customers.

When a buyer sees a suggestion for any product that is relevant to them, they prefer to buy it. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling can also be done with custom-made recommendations to the users.

3. Reduces the Abandonment of Cart

You can effectively reduce the abandonment of a cart by converting your eCommerce Shopify store into a mobile application. You will be able to send a pop-up alert when your buyer is about to exit the app and grab their attention by offering them some extra special discount or any other offer.

Simple push alert messages can dramatically lessen the abandonment of the cart and enhance revenue.

4. Easy Payment Methods

Many sellers are now offering a flexible alternative of payment to their customers to enhance revenue. With a mobile app, it becomes much easier to pay using any technique. The mode of payment becomes a great issue for many users, but offering different methods motivates them to make purchases. As a result, different payment methods enhance the count of users as well as sales.

5. Promotions based on locations

Geofencing technology can be used while you setting a mobile app for your Shopify store, it helps to send promotions based on location. The location-based message helps to convert visitors into potential customers and attractive promotions motivate them to make sales. Your services based on location will engage users to check more offers, and real-time promotions increase their craving to make purchases from your online store.

These are the 5 steps to increase Shopify store sales using the mobile application in UAE.


Shopify gains a name in the world of eCommerce, and its online store helps many sellers and buyers. The development of Shopify mobile application makes online shopping easier, reliable, and faster.

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5 Big reasons that affect the ranking of your product page


There are several reasons why the product page of your business isn’t ranking. It involves any scenario like optimization of the product page is not included in your SEO strategy’s checklist, lack of knowledge for product page optimization, or sometimes, even after trying so hard, the page doesn’t rank up.

Many eCommerce companies often offer a significant quantity of time for the optimization of land pages only. They regularly allocate lots of their SEO efforts and monetary resources to the high-funnel pages and put the product page optimization on the table. Before enlisting a few key reasons why your eCommerce internet site’s product page might not be ranking, allow us to shed a little light on the significance of optimized product pages for better leads, sales, and conversions.

Let’s see the 5 biggest reasons that affect the ranking of your product page:

Your product web page might not be ranking for several reasons. Here are a few common reasons that affect the ranking of your product page

1) Poor Research of Keywords

Keyword research plays an important role, while we are talking about the organic search
visibility of your product page. It involves finding relevant keywords to your services and
products, and then, optimizing your page against those researched keywords that will enable you to rank your product page.

2) Create Generic Titles

Titles are crucial in the product page’s ranking of your eCommerce internet site. Try to avoid making them too generic, but as an alternative make them concise, actionable, and rich with keywords. Additionally, try to create titles that will be unique for your eCommerce, and have never been used before.

3) Overlook Meta Tags and Data

Meta tags are the optimized tags or descriptions of your particular page, where the bots of
search engines come and skimmed the information about your business. Your page will not be going to rank if you don’t include meta tags and data on your website.

4) Using Plagiarized Content

Content that is simply copied and pasted from competition’s websites will don’t have any
appropriate use on your site, and that is the reason that affects the ranking of your product
page. To make your web page rank, it is vital to create fresh and unique product web page
content that mainly involves titles, product descriptions, and tags.

5) Product Image Optimization Failure

Optimization of a product image is another main reason, why your page might not be
organically ranking. Make sure that the images of your products are nicely optimized and meet the standards consisting of length, dimension, and layout of the image (PNG, GIF, and JPEG). Too many heavy photos generally tend to slow down the speed of a product’s web page loading and hence, creating a bad experience for their users and consequently negative rating.

These are the 5 big reasons that affect the ranking of your product page.

Final Thoughts:

Your business’s product page won’t be ranking for numerous reasons that include ineffective research of keywords, generic web page titles, and overlooking Meta descriptions. Similarly, duplication of product page content and not having fully optimized product images also do now not permit pages to rank in the search engines.

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Why Organic SEO is essential to increase your website traffic?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important factor in online marketing. It helps businesses to increase their online visibility and get more acknowledgment in the digital market. Nowadays, everyone searches online for whatever they want to, this becomes the main reason to take their business online and having own business website.

SEO is necessary to drive organic website search traffic. This will help any website to increase its ranking over different search engines. Any business website needs to get a higher rate of organic traffic, this factor makes them expand, adapt and grow to fulfillment of visitors’ desires.

Organic search traffic can be defined as the count of visitors that reaches to business website directly from search engine results. The “organic” word is used to explain that the search traffic is driven through search engines and not by any paid advertisements. Relatively, search engines ranked results according to the business relevance and popularity.

Let’s see how Organic SEO increases your business website’s traffic:

It includes a long list of various approaches that can increase your website traffic. It is challenging for every business to get visitors to their website instead of a competitor’s website while they search for a service or product like theirs. So, to enhance their visibility, businesses need to increase their online presence in the market. SEO plays an important role in improving business ranking and makes it more visible to customers. Still enhancing the online presence of websites are not only associated with PPC advertising and SEO, but it also involves;

1. Featured scrap includes ranking

A featured scrap can be considered as what visitors see first when they enter something to search on a search engine. Mainly this is the first page of your search engine, where your business website should be placed.

2. By Using Long Tail Key Word

Not every keyword you used makes an effective influence in this competitive market. Instead, always use a keyword that includes more details about your service or product. The Long Tail Key Word will increase the search ranking of your content and help customers to get what they want. To search the long tail keyword, digital marketing services company in the UAE can help you with better results.

3. Constantly creating a quality content

Try to create a blog and publish your writing as content as frequently as possible. But never sacrifice your quality for the sake of publishing numbers of content. The more your content has quality, the more it will attract organic traffic to your website. Search engine optimization in UAE is the best way to increase web traffic.

4. Create Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta URL, title, and description are the essential elements of a blog post or an optimized website page. With a properly created Meta title and Meta description, you can tell google exactly about your work or business.

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Emerging Factors of Fantasy Sports App in Dubai

Fantasy Sports App in Dubai

Fantasy sports are the new era of the online gaming world, where players build a virtual team of real players who actively play in a chosen game. Fantasy Sports App Development is highly in competition among the fans of sports. Many sports can be played on Fantasy Sports App and players can make their team according to the sport they are playing. Different leagues of fantasy sports are having their apps. 

Here is a list of some popular sports available in the Fantasy sports app:

Applications for –

  • Fantasy Football,
  • Fantasy Baseball,
  • Fantasy Cricket,
  • Fantasy Basketball,
  • Fantasy Golf,
  • Fantasy Ice Hockey

These are the top searched apps in the fantasy sports market, and numbers of these fantasy sports apps are available. So, if you wanted to bloom in the market by launching your application, you have to keep in mind that you have to hit with all features that are lacking in competitors’ apps.

Top features of Fantasy Sports App Development can be given as follows:


The login features are available nearly in every app and program. It requires all your necessary information like your e-mail ID, contact number, and typical username to get identified as an individual on the fantasy sports app.


The dashboard is like a personal accessed activity board, where the only administrator can find their task (completed, pending). Every record related to players can be found here. Also, it keeps a track of all profit earned through clients by using these apps.


This is the important feature of any sports activity app. Users can customize the functionality of their fantasy sports app according to their needs. This feature is available in mainly every sports application.

  • QUIZ

Fantasy sports app includes various fun questions related to sports. This feature makes gaming more interesting and enjoyable. Players get an opportunity to enhance sports knowledge with these quick quizzes. Also, this feature benefits users with the option to earn prize money by taking quizzes. 


This component increases the interest of users or players of your fantasy sports app, achievement badges engage their interest to play more and earn more. Additionally, if this app allows you to share players’ achievement badge on their social media account, this takes your app on a higher step and hence, attract more users.

These are the top features of fantasy sports app development.

Key Summary

It is concluded that Fantasy Sports App is a promising field of investment and growth. While developing this app, time and cost can be estimated based on features you wanted to include in your app. The world of mobile application development is completely changed with the emerging fantasy sports application development. If you feel concerned, you must seek assistance from our company, we provide the best services in Fantasy Sports App Development in Dubai

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Important Points to Consider While Choosing Custom Software Development


To stay abreast with latest technologies and operate with efficiency, different businesses feel the need for customized software applications. Custom software development is the process of creating software as per business requirement. As the demand for customized software application grows numerous custom software applications development companies have popped up in Dubai, UAE and around the globe.

However, there are number of ready to use software products available in the market, it is always better to create a customized software application that will fulfill your business requirement. With ready to deploy applications you may end up paying more for limited features that may cost your business in the long run. Let’s understand some important points to consider while choosing custom software development.

Fully customized application

Custom software development companies help you build that quirky software that perfectly fits your business needs. Various organizations have different set of business processes that sets them apart other organizations. If you build a software that matches your business needs and which works quintessentially as per your business model, it’s bound to generate better results for your business and help boost revenue.

Boosting application security

Customized software offers improved security to a business rather than a ready-made software solution. Security is of highest importance for e-commerce, payment gateways, online food delivery merchants and other companies as they involve private data of customers including their phone numbers and account details. Systematic and dependable security systems can easily be integrated with customized software applications to protect data loss and theft particularly in online businesses.

Greater adaptability

Customized software applications can readily transform to the business changes at any given point in time with minimal effort and overall impact. As business processes remodel rapidly technology also needs to mature to satisfy the growing business. With the usage of customized software changes can be integrated easily that allows the business process to run smoothly without any glitch or failure.

Overall lower costs

Companies offering custom software development help you create your own customized software within your budget without having to manage multiple things. Your efforts spent in time, resource gathering and infrastructure management is saved letting you focus on your idea, requirement and features. There is no recurring cost involved and is suitable for a long term usage saving a lot of your money in the long run.

Absolute ownership One of the biggest advantages of building your customized software application is that you get an exclusive ownership of your product which is undisputedly yours for all times to come. When you use someone else’s product you are bounded by the legal terms and conditions of the usage of that product. Also you are restricted to the limited features that application has to offer along with the updates which may or may not be required by you, but you may still have to pay for that.

Pay Per Click Advertising can help you to increase your online visibility

To increase the online visibility of your business, you need to follow various steps like PPC advertising; and for advertising, you can hire a good PPC service company. 

To get in contact with a good organization for PPC management in Dubai, which is highly reputed and thus helps you to profitably complete your campaigns for online marketing as well, then proper research work is needed. While numbers of agencies are present nowadays who claim that they are the best in their field, it is tough to recognize which one is trustable.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before choosing Pay Per Click Management Company are given as follows:

1. Transparency

The first question you have to ask your hired agency is about their fee structure, you have to check whether they have any hidden charges like ad spending or extra tax. Since every business has its way to make changes according to the services which they provide us, it is important to be clear with the payment structure in advance. 

Every PPC agency or Digital marketing companies are having its terms and conditions, hence it is important to check and know completely about the contract before signing it or hiring one. Many businesses require a yearly contract or six-monthly contract, so you must know about their offers and what happens if in any condition you need to break your contract.  

2. Experience

Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced agency for PPC Marketing for your business is always the best option for you. It is so because experience gives you the benefit of growing your business in the field of PPC advertising. A knowledgeable and experienced company brings remarkable results to your business. 

3. One-Stop Solution

It is always good to go with the option of the digital marketing agency that provides every required service to your commerce. It is cost-effective as well as it offers added technical services with different marketing techniques.  

4. Process and Quality

All agencies for digital marketing are having their way or technique to handle the campaigns of PPC. So, you need to know what technique they are going to implement to drive maximum results for you as you are paying them for this.  

Make sure that they are having an understandable and transparent scheme with a definite process; hence they can accomplish the objective of your business. Ensure how much duration of time they will take to enhance your commerce and also make sure that their promises are real not only in words.

5. Support and Reporting

Communication always plays an important role in improving any business, and whenever other expert agency involved in a communication system, business boosts unexpectedly. 

An honest and real Agency for PPC marketing always offers regular sessions of communication, they provide reports and also support to customers. They have to share their strategies and work plan that they are going to apply for the development of your business. 

In this way, an advertising company for PPC can help you to increase your online visibility.

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Top Important factors why Mobile App Development popular in Dubai

In former years, mobile app development is becoming a thriving industry.

Currently, many mobile app developers are dedicated to keeping this industry on top in the market. 

With these industry types, it is clear that mobile application development in Dubai is the main factor for the succession of a business.

Most people are using the internet on their mobile phones

With the increased use of the internet on smartphones or tablets, mobile app development is having an exceptional ability to access the biggest potential consumers. With the launching of various mobile apps, the usage and sales of smartphones and tablets also increases. 

Nowadays, android applications and iOS applications are highly in demand. Users always look for any app according to their needs, requirements, and use. An operating system is the first thing to consider while developing. Android applications work differently and are made user-friendly as compared to iOS applications.

Earlier business owners use various flyers, advertisements, catalogs, and brochures to enhance their sales. But at present, they don’t need these approaches for introducing their business. With the increased use of smartphones, one mobile app is equaled to a brochure, newspaper, cash register, catalog, etc. 

The biggest advantage of a mobile application for businesses

There are various advantages of creating and distributing a mobile application. The top advantages of mobile app development can be given as follows:

1. Loyalty Building

Mobile applications work constantly to increase the loyalty of the customer, mainly in the trading sector.

2. Emphasize your brand

Mobile applications offer the opportunity for brand strengthening via the new channel. With the mobile applications, customers are engaged to download the advanced version of the app, where they are allowed to customize according to their preferences and needs.

3. Enhances your Visibility

Mobile apps help businesses to increase visibility by increasing usability.

4. Sales Enhancement 

This channel helps a firm to expand faster and it also helps in rapid sales growth. It depends on the target customers or audience any company has.

With promotions, discounts, and bonus pop-up notifications you can attract consumers to buy things from your business. You can also contact directly customers to make purchases from your apps those who already installed, by sending them a message for special offers and discounts on a day-to-day basis. Thus, this technique will help you to attract more and more business.  

5. Optimization of Business Process

Developer can create an application for the interaction of workers within the firm with their team so that they can create, manage and monitor any process; run or cumulate some statistics, exchange their data, and files, etc. mobile app development company in Dubai helps in how it is effectively used for the creation, automation, and organization of different business-related tasks. 

These are the important factors why Mobile app development is popular in Dubai. For more information about mobile app development services, visit our website atTechnogiq IT Solutions.

Does Website Speed Affect Website Ranking?

Google is typically looking over user experiences. While building a website you put lots of money, time, effort, and labor to curate and design content for the website beautifully. Then, it is important for you to make a plan for the proper ranking and SEO of your website.

Google already estimated through their research that only a few seconds is the average patience level of a user. So, if you did not increase the speed of your website then it might create issues related to the bouncing rate. Speed is considered as an important factor while SEO (search engine optimization) and conversion rates.

If your website faces a loading issue this still is not a challenging problem to solve, but the challenging thing is to find out where exactly the issue is. Loading problem involves poor coding, high-resolution images, heavy elements, etc. you have to figure out the main issue and fix them as soon as possible. 

To know the score of your website, you need to put your website link on google rank checker and if you get a score of 100%, then your website is safe and its speed is fast.


Faster website loading = lesser website bounce rate;

Slower website loading = higher website bounce rate.

So, to get a high rank on search engines, you have to consider the loading speed of a website as an important subject. But if your site loads faster, then you may get the benefit to be ranked in the top 10 list of search engines. And, understandably, the top 10 websites receive the highest clicks. 

According to research, if your website loads faster than the possibility of bouncing rate is lesser but if it takes more seconds to load, then the possibility of bouncing rate is high. So, according to a survey, it is clear that fast-loading websites attract more users as compared to a slow one, and hence this makes more revenue to their website with the doubled traffic.

Usually, the cause for longer website speeds is poor coding and high-resolution pictures. So, keep a few things very clear in mind before creating a website for your business. And that is the main motive why there are so many things to consider while improving website speed and search engine optimization in Dubai.

To resolve this issue, the prior step to consider while building your plan must be to strategize and then most importantly create precise and attractive content. It does not even matter if it is not as much, let it be less, it will be more effective!

In a conclusion, the speed of your website will always play an essential role, and hence, always prioritize speed and create a well-thought plan for the succession of your website. So, if you have any questions regarding a custom software development company in Dubai, then, get in touch with us at Technogiq IT Solutions.

Top Factors of Android and iPhone Mobile App Development

Nowadays, android applications and iOS are extraordinarily in demand respectively. Users are looking for the apps according to their needs and requirements. The first attention in development goes to Android and iPhone Operating Systems. Apps in androids are made user-friendly while in iOS they work differently. This feature makes Android and iPhone more loved among people. 

Here are a few factors that should be considered when choosing the android app development:

  1. Research
  2. Identification of Targeted Audience
  3. Features of Mobile Application Platform
  4. Selection of Right Platform
  5. Operating System (O.S.)
  6. Plan of Action
  7. Budget Friendly
  8. The focus of Strategies for Marketing
  9. Testing

These are the basic factors to be considered, other things to keep in mind are given as follows:

  • Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) –

While cloud computing has brought a huge amount of strength to computing for all businesses, the creation of Artificial Intelligence that enhances regular task performance or procedures becomes easier. 

The flexibility of results is both the weakness and strength of Artificial Intelligence development. You can use it to automate different tasks, integrating image identification, processing of natural language, or analysis of data.

In addition, only the training process is computing-heavy. The currently trained network can be efficiently utilized and introduced on smart devices, with no consumption of the processor.

  • Instant Apps-

Instant apps in the Android and iOS app development are not rare; instead, they still became popular. Instant apps allow users to try new applications or games without installing them on mobile or any other device. It prevents consumers to download any app, thus it helps to use the faster web and directly with no need to install them. 

This instant app technology helps games and E-commerce businesses. This app does not occupy any extra space on mobile phones or smart devices and thus it reduces unnecessary interruption in the system. The major benefit of this is getting full access to the mobile application with no need of downloading them; it has extra storage space, remarkable UX/UI design, and compatibility over each Android and iPhone gadget.

  • Multiplatform Development-

Flutter is the latest technology from Google and also it is a future opportunity for Android App development. This structure permits android app development with the use of an inhabitant interface for the platforms Android and IOS. Numbers of developers pick this platform as an implementation tool for making mobile phone apps due to its flexibility and combinability. A good company for android app development in Dubai offers you their best services. 

Few main reasons to prefer Flutter include:

  1. It’s native designing
  2. Easy and simple to learn feature
  3. Development of MVP

As software developers join Flutter dynamically into the process of app development that makes the technology most used in android app development.

That’s why businesses in Dubai should not overlook the Android and iPhone App development and only appoint some of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai. For more information, feel free to contact our experts or visit our website at Technogiq IT Solutions.

Different Ways a Right Software Development Company Can Boost Your Business Revenue

custom software development company in Dubai

The needs and demands of customers are working as a driving force in the market, at present times competition in any business is very challenging and tight. The development and progression of technology make it possible for industries to provide more than their competitors, sophisticated facilities and extra services to their customers.

In this era of technology, industries have the advantage of availing different types of software that helps to boost their business. Undoubtedly, online existence is becoming so important, but it is also very important to utilize the correct type of plan and strategy accordingly. 

There are several businesses in the market which offer you customized development of software. These businesses not only make designing of correct software but they also make sure that it is modified as per your needs. Keeping a record of all detail is important when you wanted the overall development of any business. 

Personalized services and business strategy are in demand

All work happens with one click of a key, but a personalized service provides a better opportunity for any industry to sustain itself. The overall approach or scheme that a company uses influences its sustainability and growth in the market. That’s why it is essential while planning for any business you should go with the services of an industry that offers development of software as well. 

Let see how the right software development company can boost your business revenue:

For the best possible results of a business strategy, an industry that deals with the development of software guide you perfectly on an initial stage. The professionals working in the industry are trained experts who have the knowledge and natural skills required for the development of software. Depending on the requirement of any business, the professional make necessary modifications and suggestions in software for your business.  

The development of software helps to save your time

Make use of customized designing of software helps you to save so much of your precious time. We all know that time is a valuable thing and try to use it wisely for growing your business perfectly. The perfect approach or scheme that a company uses influences its sustainability and growth in the market. 

As the owner of a business, you need to look at every small detail to make sure your business grows ideally. 

The software simplifies your job and keeps you updated

There are several time-consuming and complicated tasks in industries. These works got simplified when you choose customized software for your business. But it is also very important to utilize the correct type of plan and strategy accordingly. 

The requirement of mobile software is not only a luxury to their users but it becomes a necessity. Nowadays, many businesses are integrated with mobile-based apps that offer flexibility to their customers. 

This is how the right custom software development company in Dubai can boost your business revenue.

If you are looking for the best software development company in Dubai, you can visit our website Technogiq IT Solutions.