The top reason why chooses React JS for your project

There is a lot of buzz around React JS framework, and you should learn it if you want to build scalable and modern web apps. Here are some reasons why React JS is the best choice for your next project:

Components Reusability

  • It can be used as a library to create user interfaces. It’s relatively small and it has an opinionated view of how to build web applications.
  • Components are the basic building blocks of React. They provide encapsulation of state and behavior, which makes them very flexible in terms of reusability. You can compose components into more complex ones, and then reuse those composite components throughout your application.
  • React JS components are self-contained and only depend on the Components they render themselves. This makes them very easy to reuse as standalone widgets outside of a parent component, so long as they have no dependencies on other parts of your app or its data flow.

Virtual DOM

In the React world, Virtual DOM is a JavaScript object that represents the browser’s DOM. It’s lightweight and quick. Think of it as an abstraction of your browser’s actual DOM. And because it’s just a JavaScript object, you can use all sorts of libraries like Lodash or Ramda to manipulate it.

Virtual DOM is used for two things: calculating differences between old and new states to generate patches, and then applying those patches back onto the real DOM using ReactDOMMountComponent ().

Updating And Unmounting

React can be used as a library to create user interfaces. Its core principle is that UIs should be built from declarative components. It’s been growing in popularity recently, with many companies adopting it as their primary framework for building user interfaces.

React uses a virtual DOM to render components. When you change the state of your component, react will compare the old and new versions of your component and determine which parts need to change based on those changes. This process is called reconciliation, or updating in React terminology. If you’re familiar with functional programming concepts like immutability and pure functions, this approach will feel very natural to you.

JSX And Other Features

You might have heard of JSX, which is the HTML-like syntax extension to JavaScript. It’s not required, but it can make writing React components easier.

In addition to JSX and other features that make components easier to write, there are some really powerful tools for measuring the performance of your application so you can optimize it.


We hope this article helped you understand why React JS is a good choice for your project. React allows JS developers to create reusable components that can be easily updated and are less prone to error. This makes it easier for teams with limited resources or experience with front-end development to build their products quickly.

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