CAD/CAM Technology – A Complete Guide That Help To Grow Business

CAD/CAM Technology

CAD/CAM is a rapidly growing technology. Manufacturing of technology continues to develop for an increase in productivity. In the coming years, more productivity is needed for many businesses by revising their strategies for growth and by evaluating capacity. Usually, a company demands solutions that are cost-effective, collaborative and measurable, or scalable. 

This CAM software technology has three critical trending factors: technical affiliations between various industry leaders, strategies of advanced tool path, and Industry 4.0/connectivity. These three critical trending factors or a pillar guides technical developments that produce accessible benefits for businesses without inserting excessive stress on their operations. 

What is new with the latest technology of CAD/CAM software?

The tool path engine of dynamic motion is extended to contain more machining situations that include 2D milling, 3D milling, and turn-off. The software has upgraded in both the basic and advanced end for the spectrum of CAM, and it also involves smarter drilling and automatic cutting in multiple axes. 

Let see how a user can apply CAD/CAM techniques and tools in manufacturing:

A little upgrade and improvements in existing technique is easier in identification and make use of them and it becomes part of those processes which already uses that technology. The tip for a successful business is:

  • It should have to know what are the latest main software tools are
  • Evaluate whether all the main tools apply to them or not. 

Generally, the most convenient advice is firstly to work with the representative of CAM for the summary of this new tool that you are not using or those which are not useful for your business. Try to invest in those which are helpful for you to grow your business. 

Is CAD/CAM software technology easier to use? And how important it is to use in today’s world?

The ease of use is very important and it always getting better. In Mastercam’s case, it has a dedicated division for experiences of the user (UX), it works to ensures that existing and new features are streamlined and improved constantly for creating them as simple as possible. In our older tool paths, we frequently test the improvement in UX by using the feedback program of our users.

The reason ease to access is so important factor of CAD/CAM software technology and every industry aims to increase their productivity that helps to grow their business. Industries can never be idle to do things more efficiently, faster and better. CAM and CAD services should be easily accessible to their users. CAD/CAM companies in the USA provide the best services in providing this software as easy as possible. 

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Advantages of Using ASP.NET for Custom Web Development

ASP.NET for Custom Web Development

Introducing the framework of .net is the most considerable achievement for the Microsoft Corporation. Dot net technology is mainly used for creating an active web app that should be accessible on numerous browsers. Additionally, a consistent ASP.NET company helps you to produce reusable and scalable applications since this platform is on top for serving the demands of the market. 

The framework of .net is appropriate to create compelling applications of .net with the use of visual studios. Moreover, this platform isn’t restricted to ASP and it provides benefits to developers to develop websites in different programming languages such as VB and C++.

What is ASP.NET?

Microsoft mainly develops the ASP.Net and ASP stand for Active Server Pages. This is used to create web technologies and web pages. Being an element to the framework of .Net, the ASP.NET is highly valuable and demandable for ASP.NET Development Company, it also helps them for developing scalable, dynamic and website that is feature-rich.                                           

The advantages of using ASP.NET for custom web development can be given as follows:

  • It considerably decreases the number of required codes that are involved in developing bigger applications.
  • With the in-built authentication and configuration of pre-application, your applications will be completely secured and ASP.NET application development takes care of it.
  • The development of .net provides you an improved performance by taking benefit of indigenous optimization, caching services, and early binding. .NET technology is mainly used for creating an active web app that should be accessible on numerous browsers.
  • The framework of ASP.NET is convoyed by the loaded toolbox and designed in the incorporated environment of development. Apart from these features, it involves WYSIWYG editing, drag and drops controls of servers, and automatic deployment-kind features.
  • ASP.Net gives simplicity because it makes the process of day-to-day task performance easier. The task includes client authentication, form submission, and configuration of a site that can be efficiently completed. 
  • In the ASP.NET website development company, the HTML codes and source codes are written collectively, this makes it easier to maintain pages of ASP.NET. 
  • The development of .NET is merely a server-based technology; hence the codes of .NET are executed firstly on servers and then it moves forward to the browser. 
  • The platform of .NET development is independent of language use and thus it allows ASP.NET Development Company and itsdeveloper to selectany language as per their preference. 
  • The server of the web mainly monitors the applications, components, and pages that are working continuously. If in any case framework observes any type of illegal activity or leakage of information, it demolished those activities immediately and then restarts itself. 

These are the advantages of using ASP.NET for custom web development.


ASP.NET web development services are a future dominating and exciting technology that is appropriate for the creation of healthy web applications. And considerably it decreases the number of required codes that are involved in developing bigger applications. This is the reason why use ASP.NET for custom web development. 

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A Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business on Instagram


Instagram is the potent and influential social media platform that allows small and new start-up businesses to publicize themselves for free.

If executed perfectly, marketing on Instagram will help you to build your brand name, increase your revenues and generate leads. Instagram marketing needs an extra strategic effort to build your brand name as compared to strategies you used on other social media platforms.

For making your new start-ups and small business successful through Instagram, you need to use Instagram branding strategy correctly.

Here is a complete guide to marketing your business on Instagram:

Focus on your strategies and goals

An Instagram account is nothing without goals and marketing strategies. An over-focused goal for the strategies used on Instagram is important to calculate success. Always look up the prior goal for your Instagram channel and use your strategy according to that.

The important goals to be focused on while creating Instagram accounts should be:

Goal to create brand awareness.

Goal to generate leads.

Goal to boost sales

Without goals, your Instagram account might turn into various collections of chaotic posts. 

Target the finest audiences

With your outlines strategy and goals, all you need to know is – “to whom you have to target on Instagram”. Focus is the key factor to work with Instagram. Even though you might have developed marketing qualities previously, it is also important for you to have a look, and compare your qualities with the demography of other people who are using Instagram.                                                                                                                                                               

Create an attractive profile for your business

A good brand on Instagram initiated with an attractive profile. A convincing bio and appropriate links are important for Instagram marketing services so that they convert just visiting eyes into leads and followers. 

You have to include some impressive profile pictures and photos with high and good quality that should be visually consistent and appealing with the guidelines of your brand. 

Try to post amazing and interesting content

The content in your Instagram account might become the biggest driver to attract more audiences and thus it will help you to achieve goals. Firstly, define your brand style with the fonts, colours, filters, palette, hash tags, and captions. A steady feel and look might help your account to stand out and thus enhances your business recognition.

Recognize hash tags and key accounts

Once you are done with the basics of an Instagram account, you have to focus on building your customers and audiences. First of all, start identifying your competitor and take tips on how to use Instagram promotion services to attract more audiences. You can use hash tags and a properly manageable account to generate traffic.

With every characteristic of your small or new business marketing strategy, you need a good Instagram marketing company that helps you to make the best results.

This is a complete guide to marketing your business on Instagram. 

To get more benefit from the Instagram account, all you need is the best Instagram marketing service company that not only generates leads but also boosts your brand name.

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5 Ways to Get More Clicks and Sales Using Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads is mainly a search engine platform for marketing that is essential for any E-commerce store. With the help of this marketing platform, a Google ad displays brand advertisements to its users when they search for a product.

 Based on the listing of the brand’s product, and query for searches, Google has an in-built algorithm to show videos that are relevant to business in the product advertisement form. This is the main objective of Google Shopping Ads.

Know why you should use Google Shopping Ads!

  1. You will get bigger targeted traffic.
  2. It has a higher potential to reach desired customers.
  3. You will get a higher rate of return as compared to spend on Ads.
  4. It can be optimized and managed easily.
  5. Google Shopping Ads provides you with competitive data for your business.

Now, let see ways to get more clicks and sales using Google Shopping Ads:

1. Optimize titles for your products

Since Google Shopping Ads are not based on keyword process, but you have to make sure that titles of products should be highly optimized along with the correct selection of words. 

2. Optimize your categories and description for product feed

Add correct information in the categories and description segment of your product feed; so that Google shopping ads management will find out when it has to show your product. 

3. Optimize your product representations and images

While you selecting a product image make sure it fulfils all the desires and requirements of the targeted audience. Your online user will get to know more about your product with the potent images. Always use high-quality images for ads. 

4. Use extensions for Google Shopping Ads

These extensions for Google Shopping Ads are used to disclose the advantages of products. The four types of available extensions of Google merchant ads for businesses are:

  • Price Drops
  • Merchant Promotions
  • Product Ratings
  • Advertisements for Local Inventory

Google launch these latest extensions for making online shopping business more competitive and competent.

5. Use products review and rating technique

Reviews and ratings are used to make a direct connection with desired customers. Maximum customers buy any product based on previous user’s reviews and ratings on products. And sometimes suggestions or recommendations of strangers attract the crowd towards your product.

You can use numbers or stars for the rating of your product that helps other audiences to buy your product. These ratings should be highlighted in your Google Ads so that you get more attention than before. 

So, these are the ways to get more clicks and sales using Google Shopping Ads.

Nowadays, you will find numbers of Google shopping agency that helps you with these solutions.

If you are looking for these solutions, you can visit our website Technogiq IT Solutions, we help you to improve your sales and get more clicks by using Google Ads for your E-Commerce companies.

Microservices Roles And Important Next Gen Approach

Microservices Roles And Important

The architecture of microservices is modernizing in a way like enterprises make their technical infrastructure and developing new applications. It helps various organizations to reduce their required time for the software application of projects and to increase the consistency of backend systems. It is the main reason for the succession of different businesses that are web-native and rapidly spreading them to a more established venture; especially to those who are looking for application economy, innovation, and digital transformations.  

The importance of Microservices is given as follows:

Increased flexibility

With the microservices, your complete application must be decentralized and thus decoupled into the service which works as separate units. Unlike that monolithic architecture in which a failure or breakdown in coding influencing more than a single function or service, there will be a minimum impact for the failure of using microservice strategy. Users will not notice whether your various systems are brought under maintenance or for any servicing.  

 Better Scalability

Scalability is the main feature of microservices. Since every service has a separate element, you can scale up every single service or function without scaling the whole application. A service that is critical to business can be arranged on numbers of servers for enhanced performance and availability without making any impact on the performance of any other services.

Using the right tool for the right task

Microservices benefits you with different accessibility that you should not have necessarily tied with a particular trader. Instead, you get flexibility for using the right tool for the right task. Every service using its framework, language, or additional services and you are still able to make easy communication with another service for your application.

Faster marketing time

Since, microservices working with services that are loosely coupled, so there is no need for re-writing your codebase to modify or to add a feature to it. You get the access to make alterations in a particular service only. With the development of application in slighter increments which is independently deployable and testable, you will get your service and application to the market faster.

Easier maintenance and debugging

Microservices development makes easier debugging and also helps to test applications. With minute a module that goes through the testing process and constant delivery, your skill for delivering an error-free application can be improved vastly. 

Enhanced ROI with the reduced TCO

Microservices permit you for optimizing resources. It is used for coding as well, a microservice in java helps you to work on autonomous services and also allows you to deploy faster. The increase in efficiency for microservices decreases the costs of infrastructure as well as minimizes its downtime also.  


Microservices is promptly becoming an ideal approach for building applications all over the industries. We will be having pioneering businesses that use microservices and disrupting technologies for making the product cycle as efficient and short as possible. 

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Best WordPress Themes for Medical and Healthcare Industry in 2021

WordPress development services

The medical and healthcare industries are challenging areas in the development of websites. For any WordPress theme of the medical industry, it is very important to imitate the impression of employee’s professionalism, trust and it should also include – care and support. 

While selecting health care theme out of numbers of option, that are based on many popular CMS, you have to ensure to get a perfect duo of designs which are user-oriented and highly flexible alternative.  

Let see how to select suitable healthcare WordPress themes for your website?

The variety in services for the medical industry is diverse. That means every medical outline should be varied in one’s scope and specifics. Meanwhile, WordPress is completely open-source software.

You will get a perfect website in no time; all you need to do is customize its feature and medical care WordPress theme according to the need of your medical healthcare industry. Though, it is very tough to contradict the similarity in themes for medical requirements, mainly for crucial page functionality and elements. 

Few key elements are given as follows:

Booking functionality for online appointment

According to a study, most of the patients choose that medical healthcare providers who offer access to make a booking, cancellation and make appointment changes online. 

Section for news and updates

Updating the latest news and publishing essential alerts regarding your practices for medical benefit will show users that you respond to them readily; you are active and dedicatedly engaged with your work.

Blogs and Forums

Nowadays, most people search primarily about diseases, their symptoms, and many other related things online. Updating news related to medical advice and publishing content related to medical care, this helps to boost the ranking of your website in search engine and eventually you drive more targeted audiences towards your website.

Service page

This page helps patients or potential users to get a list of provided services and also it includes a detailed description of their services along with its price list.


Display your contact details on every page of your website- in both header and footer of the page. Creating a separate contact us page is also important which includes your complete address with map directions, opening hours, phone number, feedback forms, social media links, etc.  

The list of the best WordPress themes for the medical and healthcare industry is given as follows:

Pro Medica – Medical and healthcare theme

Medigroup – Medical and Health care theme

House Med – Multipurpose medical and health care theme

Nordis – theme for medical healthcare services

Medi Point – Doctor and medical care theme

Medi Clinic – theme for services of medical healthcare

These are a few of the best WordPress themes for the medical and healthcare industry. 

If you are looking for a custom WordPress development company or WordPress development services, you can visit our website Technogiq IT Solutions. We provide the best custom WordPress development services in the USA and across the globe.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need JavaScript in Your Website

JavaScript development Service

JavaScript is an internet programming language. You will see Js i.e., JavaScript everywhere on the internet. Every programmer should necessarily learn these three languages – 

  1. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  2. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  3. JavaScript (Js) 

Hypertext Markup Language notifies the browser of what content has to be shown on your website pages. Cascading Style Sheets notifies the browser that how to put down the content and makes its format looks great. JavaScript manages the behaviour of your web page. All scrolling animations, cool transitions, popup, and other attractive features of contemporary websites were created with the help of JavaScript.

Let see how JavaScript helps to improve your website

1. Client-Side Programming:

It is one of those few computer languages that does not run on a server that hosts various web pages. The time taken to load a web page on the client’s browser should be as low as possible; this should be checked by a web developer. The higher the loading time of a web page, the lesser the client experience. Animations of JavaScript use the device of their viewers to run themselves. 

2. Curves for small learning:

Java is not the only computer programming language; few more languages are used on the web like C++, Python, etc. But this JavaScript is more popular than other languages among developers is because it is so easy to understand. Also, the syntax used in JavaScript is so similar to the English language. If a developer created your website by using JavaScript, it helps you to attract more targeted audiences because it opens your website as faster as possible. 

3. JavaScript is companionable with other computer languages too:

A website server uses various computer languages to run perfectly; PHP, Rails, Python, Ruby, Java, and ASP.NET are some examples. Apart from the computer language used on a server, the viewers of your website always get a responsive, wealthy experience; it is so because Java goes perfectly with any of the above computer languages.

4. Use of DOM Model:

The DOM model is a technique for creating a web page, thus its aspects are fashioned as objects and have their properties as well. This feature allows Java to relate easily with every aspect of this model and thus, JavaScript uses it for animation purposes or alterations with minimum issues. The Document Object Model (DOM), is not a computer programming language; it is a universal thing. Any developer can create a Document Object Model for a website page by using JavaScript. 

5. Compiler free computer language programming:

Previously conventional coding makes use of a compiler. A browser always uses a compiler for the translation purpose of unprocessed code into a readable syntax. But this process takes much time and thus, increases the time to load any web page. Also, it increases the development time of any website. While any website using JavaScript development did not take loading time and it is properly read as well.

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How Business Intelligence and IoT Solutions Can Help To Drive Business Growth

Business Intelligence and IoT Solutions

Business Intelligence and the Internet of Things are super trending in the field of technology for their analysts and researchers. Business Intelligence leverages services and software to alter data into accomplishable insights that enlighten tactical and strategic business assessments of an organization. Business Intelligence tools analyze and access data and current analytic findings in summaries, graphs, reports, maps, and dashboards to give their customers detailed intelligence.  

The IoT or Internet of Things refers to all those objective devices in the world which are connected with the internet; it involves the collection of data and sharing of data. This Internet of Things (IoT) makes the structure of things more responsive and smarter around us; it helps to merge the physical and digital universe.

Let see how Business Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help to drive business growth:

Fast growth with enhanced business intelligence

Currently, we discovered surprising conducts that helps your commerce to grow faster by taking benefits of Business intelligence. Business intelligence helps different companies to enhance their operations, well-informed decisions, faster access, and also helps to achieve a higher rate of growth. 

Pivot as current market changes with the help of analytics of big data 

Most business holders believe that big data helps to change their organizational operation techniques. Big data analyst takes insights of their business to another level by allowing the company to take an opportunity that focuses on analytical analysis, revealing hidden patterns, forecasting upcoming events. It also allows you to carry out what-if analyses so that you can calculate the effects of strategic changes in your business.

Enhance the quantity and quality of data with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Increases in the number of devices that are connected to the internet allow us to gather information of supply chain, and all through operations of your business, virtually from anywhere. It also adds quality and quantity to your acquired data.

Business Intelligence (BI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) together are emerging as a dynamic duo, if you make use of both these tools together. Internet of Things helps businesses to understand the customer data more precisely; it helps in increasing profitability, optimizes the production of the supply chain, and also helps to predict new trends in business. 

The combination of the Internet of Things and business intelligence provides several opportunities and also equipped businesses to take benefit from existing opportunities. IoT Solutions involve the collection of data and sharing of data.

That is why Business Intelligence and the Internet of Things are super trending in the field of technology for their analysts and researchers. Nowadays, you can find various IoT Solutions Company, which offers you their outstanding and brilliant services.

This is how Business Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help to drive business growth. 

Technogiq IT Solutions is one of the leading IoT App Development Companies in the USA that offers business Intelligence services and IOT application services for your business. We help our clients to meet their business needs and goals. For more information, visit our website or contact us now!

How Custom Web Development Help to Grow Business Effectively?

Custom Web Development Services

For many businesses, the development of a website is the main priority to focus on a targeted audience and increase sales. In this digitized time, the website of your business should have an attractive user interface and it should be easily accessible for everyone. It works as a marketing tool and also it is used for branding purposes. 

Website development and design help to increase the number of viewers and audiences to your business. The owner of any business should never overlook the key feature, i.e., web development servicesSo, the website of your business should be designed and developed carefully before launch your business in the digital market.

Based on the user interface of your website, users make their decision whether they wanted to stay and purchase or leave from your website. That’s why the user interface should design as easy as possible. 

A good website is a true asset for your business and it completely helps to increase profitability.

Now, let see how custom web development help to grow business effectively.

Boosts accessibility

If your business is having a website, so your business can be accessed by the customers at anytime from anywhere. It gives a space to each user to access your business through a website on the time whenever they need it the most. It will boost the possibility of generating the lead and sealing the deal.

Resourceful in Advertising and Marketing

Only having the services and products of any business will not help you to produce leads. However, make various advertisements and applying different marketing strategies will help your business to sell your brand. If you compare traditional techniques for marketing with website development or digital marketing technique, you will find out this online website development technique is much more efficient and effective for financial growth as well as attract more targeted audiences. 

With this digital marketing platform, on your business website, you can showcase every significant piece of information related to your business. The information involves detailing your products and services, contact details, price of the product, etc. You can grab the attention of your customers with attractive discounts and offers on your business website.

Boost your business

Make interaction with targeted audiences, your business may improve the quality of your products and services by developing a good and better website with an easy user interface, and thus you may create impactful marketing strategies and convincing sales. 

If you don’t update your website from time to time, or if it looks old and outdated, it will make a negative impact on your customers. Hence, you may lose your users and this will help your competitor to win over you; you don’t want that to happen. So, you need to keep your website alive and active and keep it as simple as possible for your customer to use it. 

In the summing up line, I conclude that; it is very important to realize that online business keeps on growing and thus creating inventive ways to make your online business challenging. And above-mentioned points show how custom web developments help to grow business effectively.

Technogiq IT Solutions is one of the leading custom web development companies in the USA and across the globe that develops eCommerce websites and creates custom websites converting visitors into buyers. Hire our dedicated development team and see your business grow.

How Mobile Apps Can Increase the Sales of Every Business

mobile application development

Earlier business owners use various flyers, advertisements, catalogues, and brochures to enhance their sales. But at the present time, they don’t need these approaches for introducing their business. With the increased use of smart phones, one mobile app is equals to a brochure, newspaper, cash register, catalogue, etc.

Mobile Apps are a powerful and influencing tool to connect with target customers in any business. Nowadays, almost everyone operates smart phones, and the market for smart phones will keep on growing. 

Let see the different ways, how mobile apps can increase the sales of every business:

Sales Growth

This new channel helps a company to grow faster and also helps in the growth of sales rapidly. It depends on how many target audience company have. 

With discounts, promotions, and bonus pop-up notifications you can induce viewers to buy from your business. You can also contact directly users to make purchases from those who installed your apps, by sending them special offers and discounts on day to day basis. Thus, this helps you to attract more and more business.  

 Building Audience

Businesses can be set up connections with the consumers even if they are far from them. If a person installed an app on their devices, then they don’t have to remember your website address, and it also helps to create more customers for your business. 

Channels for Communication and Marketing strategies

Mobile applications are effectively used to draw attention to your brand name through different marketing promotions. In this way, anyone can expand the possible audience of users and thus build trusted relationships with them. 

Business Process Optimization

One can build an application for the interaction of any firm’s workers within their team so that they can manage and monitor any process; cumulate some statistics, exchange data, and files, etc. mobile application development is efficiently used for the automation and organization of various business-related tasks. 

Making a product that aims only to use within the business itself is fairly a frequent practice. In such a way, you can make sure the interactions should be uninterrupted between workers, despite their present locations. 

Loyalty growth of customers

Allowing customers to order food online, book a spot in a restaurant or make payment to their order online using applications on their mobile phones, it helps business to become a potential tool to boost loyalty. Combine loyalty programs with the mobile application and share valuable promotions, bonuses, or discounts with your customers helps to grow loyalty for users.  

One can take complete benefit of the personalization tool through sharing push notifications regarding new discounted offers and promotions. You can also offer customers who already installed the applications on their mobile access special bonuses and exclusive offers.

These are the ways how mobile apps can increase the sales of every business.

If you are looking for a mobile app Development Company or mobile app development services for your business development, then you should reach out to our company. For more information contact us or visit our website Technogiq IT Solutions.

The Most Important Reasons To Build A Mobile App For Your Business

mobile app development services

The key feature for today’s digital environment is to become a multi-channel. Set up a valuable presence in all the channels that provide contact with the target audience becoming a fundamental challenge for businesses.

Mobile Apps are a powerful and influencing tool to connect with target customers in any business. Nowadays, almost everyone operates smart phones, and the market for smart phones will keep on growing.

Here is the list of benefits of a mobile app that helps to build your business:

Growth of Sales

This new channel helps a company to grow faster and also helps in the growth of sales rapidly. It depends on how many target audience company have. 

With discounts, promotions, and bonus pop-up notifications you can induce viewers to buy from your business. You can also contact directly users to make purchases from those who installed your apps, by sending them special offers and discounts on day to day basis. Thus, this helps you to attract more and more business.  

Building Audience

Businesses can be set up connections with the consumers even if they are far from them. If a person installed an app on their devices, then they don’t have to remember your website address, and it also helps to create more customers for your business. 

Communication and Marketing channels

Mobile applications are effectively used to draw attention to your brand name through different marketing promotions. In this way, anyone can expand the possible audience of users and thus build trusted relationships with them. 

Business Process Optimization

One can build an application for the interaction of any firm’s workers within their team so that they can manage and monitor any process; cumulate some statistics, exchange data, and files, etc. mobile application development is efficiently used for the automation and organization of various business-related tasks. 

Making a product that aims only to use within the business itself is fairly a frequent practice. In such a way, you can make sure the interactions should be uninterrupted between workers, despite their present locations. 

Growth of loyalty for customers

Allowing customers to order food online, book a spot in a restaurant or make payment to their order online using applications on their mobile phones, it helps business to become a potential tool to boost loyalty. Combine loyalty programs with the mobile application and share valuable promotions, bonuses, or discounts with your customers helps to grow loyalty for users.  

One can take complete benefit of the personalization tool through sharing push notifications regarding new discounted offers and promotions. You can also offer customers who already installed the applications on their mobile access special bonuses and exclusive offers.

These are the important reasons to build a mobile app for your business.

Technogiq IT Solutions is one of the leading mobile app development companies in the USA and across the globe that provides mobile app development services like custom iOS app and Android app development. We help our clients to meet their business needs and goals. For more information contact us or visit our website.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Sales through 3d Animation Services

3d Animation Services

3D product animation is the best way for businesses to enhance their sales and achieve the desired return on investment or ROI. Opting for 3D animation services helps you and your customers to visualize your product in the most alluring and compelling way. It gives your product and brand an upper hand amongst your competitors and helps in engaging your potential audiences.

There are many researches that have pointed out that 3D product animation has led to significant increase in sales and revenue. It helps your brand stand out and perform better in the market and helps you find improvements and mitigate risk at each step of product development. Let’s understand top 5 ways 3D animation services can help boost your sales.

Improves brand image

3D animation of your product is not only compelling but echoes your brand and its ethos. It makes your product appear exclusive and compelling thus bringing positive and optimistic views about your business and brand on the whole. It depicts the detailing, attention given and professionalism of your product and how it is created as customer centric leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Engaging your audience

3D product animation helps you in engaging and captivating your customers and audiences in the most realistic way. It lets your customers and audiences get the feel of real product and how it can benefit them. It provides customers with the finest of details and information thus keeping audiences attracted towards your product. In this day and age of competitive market, it is important to bring your customers close to your product in every sense possible.

Improves your credibility

Credibility is one thing on which most of companies survive in the market. 3D product animation helps to increase your market credibility and trust among your potential customers. It helps in building customer trust and loyalty which can lead to improved sales and revenue. You cannot survive in the market without a loyal customer base, hence giving your customers the right feel about your product is highly essential.

Makes product self-explanatory

The best part of 3D product animation is that it makes your product self-explanatory and your product does most of the talking in-front of your customers and audiences generating curiosity about its features and services.

Easy to share

3D product animations are easy to share across various social media platforms and can be used to target specific audiences. You can easily create marketing campaigns around targeted audiences to generate better leads and sales.

We are Technogiq, a leading IT services and 2D, 3D animation company. We offer best in class 3D animation services with quality support. Our 3D animation services have benefitted clients from across the globe and we continue to strive for excellence. We also offer animation autocad 3D services. If you have a project in mind, let’s connect.

Know The Reasons Why Fantasy Sports Website Design is a Profitable Business to Start Now

As per a research Fantasy sports engages roughly 90 million people today world-wide. It is not only engaging but also an addiction which tests your sporting knowledge to the max while also providing a way to earn handsome amount of money. A Forbes report suggested that fantasy sports industry around the world roughly ranges between $40 billion and $70 billion which is enough to indicate that this is one of the most profit based business.

United States and Canada have the lion share of this revenue and are the largest market when it comes to attracting fantasy gamers. There are more than 58 million fantasy sports players in the US and around 25 million in India as of 2020, another pointer to suggest that fantasy sports website design is a profitable venture. Season long fantasy and daily fantasy are the two popular pillars of fantasy sports. Season long fantasy sports allows players to create team and play for entire season where the winner is declared at the end of the sporting season. While daily fantasy sports allow you to create team, play and win on daily basis.

The recent trends have shown that daily fantasy sports is more popular among the masses. To be able to win on daily basis is something which every fantasy sports player wants. According to a press release from Fantasy Sports Trade Association, the fantasy sports industry generates more than $7.22 billion revenue globally, which includes sports like MLB, Soccer, Football, Cricket, NBA etc.

If you look at Europe which is mostly dominated by soccer especially the English Premier League, Spanish League and the German League, only UK has more than 3.5 million registered fantasy sports users. When we look at India where the fantasy sports phenomenon has just taken off with brands like Dream11 sponsoring this year’s IPL, the Indian fantasy sports market has grown to 2400 crore rupees in 2020 as compared to 920 crore rupees in 2019.

A whitepaper by India tech mentioned that fantasy sports in India has attracted a considerable amount of foreign investment as well. As per an FIFS report this investment was estimated to be in range of 1500 crore during 2018-2019. According to a KPMG report, the Indian online gaming industry revenue is already worth $43.8 billion and is estimated to grow to $118.8 by 2023. Another indication why fantasy sports website design is the most sought after business these days.

According the same KPMG report the Indian online gaming industry will see an annual growth rate of 22.1% which in itself is miraculous and appealing and is sure to bring in more investors and opportunities for different business houses.

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How Can Digital Marketing Benefit Health Care and Medical Industry

Digital Marketing Benefit HealthCare and Medical Industry

Marketing has become an essential part of each and every industry that is looking to sell products and services in the open market. Businesses across the world have shown tremendous growth in recent years with the advent of digital marketing. Companies providing digital marketing services have grown in numbers with the increase in demand for digital marketing. Healthcare and medical industry have also started to make use of digital marketing to boost their brand, generate leads and sell products.

So if you are a healthcare company working into medical equipment production, a hospital chain or individual clinics, digital marketing can increase your visibility across platforms using techniques such as PPC campaign management, SEO based marketing etc. Let’s look at some reliable digital marketing techniques that can help you increase your business and boost your sales.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking to find yourself on top of search lists, when customers come looking for your product or services, SEO is the technique that can make this happen. A good SEO marketing agency knows how to push your website to the top of the search results, that can improve your brand visibility and therefore increasing the chances of landing more visitors to your website.

PPC campaigning

Pay per click or PPC is a method of internet marketing in which advertisers pay some fee each time their ad is clicked. If you are looking to brand your hospital and its capabilities and services, or if you are a medical equipment marketing firm looking to attract potential customers, PPC campaign management can be a good option. It is important to research keywords which are relevant to your business and brand to make PPC campaigns successful. Google Ads are most popular when it comes to PPC marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media has grown leaps and bounds over the past decade. It has seen millions of people and scores of brands and companies join various social media platforms to register their presence. As a result, it also gives companies, brands, and businesses to target audiences on these platforms. Companies providing digital marketing services can create customized marketing campaigns on these platforms targeting audiences based on age, location, interest etc. for example, if you are looking to sell a medical device to any hospital brand or clinics, you can gather data around it and create a campaign accordingly.

Content based marketing

Companies providing digital marketing services see content based marketing as a definitive way of digital marketing. Content can be represented in varied formats such as articles, blogs, white paper etc. Remember to create content in a way which is engaging and appealing to users.

An important point to note is that all the regulations and guidelines need to be adhered to while marketing medical devices and equipment. All the relevant information should be explained clearly and nothing which is ambiguous should be hidden. Any lapse in following regulations and guidelines may result in actions taken by relevant authorities.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Software and Web Development Company

Professional Software and Web Development Company

People often say, leave it to the professional. This term stands true in modern times when specific tasks are left for the specialist to complete. You cannot ask a plumber to fix a computer problem or a civil engineer to do a mechanical engineer’s job. Similarly, when it comes to designing a website for your business look no further than a professional web development service provider. A dedicated development company with a dedicated development team will take care of all the aspects of the website or software development keeping in mind the business and its goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits a professional web development service company can provide keeping in mind your business idea and its ultimate goals.

Impactful first impression

As the saying goes first impression is the last. So it becomes vital that visitors of your website get a positive impression. A dedicated development company will always ensure that the website is thoroughly professional and impactful, free of bugs and feature rich as per your requirement. A positive first impression will always drive more traffic to your website and will help spread the word about your business.

Faster and robust website

Website speed is something which is very important to take care of. If your website takes time to load or crashes under small load, it leaves a bad impression on your users. People visiting your website expect it to work smoothly and without fail. Any lag or delay in page loading can irritate the users and may result in loss of engagement. This loss of engagement can also lead to loss of sales and revenue.

Mobile compatible

A professional web development company will also make sure that your website is mobile compatible. Now days, lot of people are active mobile users, so there is a desire to access websites on mobiles which is convenient. Mobile compatible websites are a norm these days and a lot of business is done over the mobile phones. So if you are looking to grow and expand your business, you cannot undermine the importance of mobile compatible websites.

SEO friendly website

Another important benefit you can avail by hiring a professional web development company is that you can get an SEO friendly website. The benefit of an SEO friendly website is that your site will always be on top of web searches enabling more visitors and user engagement. This can directly lead to increase in sales and revenue for your business.

Return on investment

A well-crafted and a feature rich website as per the need of your business with the aim of attracting more users can be a great source of revenue generation. A professional web development company will always look to build ROI based solutions and help you achieve the ultimate goal of your business.

How Can Mobile Apps Help Save Time and Money

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way people use various services provided by different vendors. Be it shopping, banking services or ordering food online mobile apps have proved to be a convenient medium for catering various customer needs. Companies offering android and iOS development services have benefitted from this revolution in the field of mobile technology.

Traditional ways of doing business and marketing consume a lot of time, effort and capital. It also doesn’t guarantee the reach which is expected. However, with advent of mobile technology and iOS and android app flooding the digital market it became easier to get the business up and running saving time and money. Development of iPhone and android apps have made it easy for both businesses and customers.

Let’s say you are looking to develop a food delivery app. The traditional way would be to create a website and then promote it over internet and other mediums like print and electronic and digital media. The main drawback of such an approach would be that customers will have always have to put in extra efforts to access your website for ordering food online which could be tedious and time consuming. But this could be relatively easy if you have your own mobile app. As a business to begin with, you can contact mobile app development companies and get your own customised iPhone or android app created.

Next step would be to launch your customised iPhone or android app to your customers. The major benefit of a mobile app would be that it will always reside in the phone of your customer. Your customer will find it easy to open the app and make order or use any of the services provided by your mobile app without having to waste too much time and energy.

Another important point to note is that mobile apps also help businesses save a lot of money on publicity and advertisements. App features such as referral programs help build a strong consumer base and also become a means of advertisement. As a result of which a lot of time and money is saved on advertising on various media platforms. However, we are not saying that you should publicise apps on other media platforms, but there is surely a cost benefit when it comes to mobile app and its way of publicity.

Various iPhone and android app development companies developing custom applications for their clients are now implementing unique features like buddy referrals, signup bonus, cashback etc. that attract customers to the application platform and thus act as a strong source of advertisement for their client’s business. This not only saves a lot of money but also helps clients to make use of this money for some other useful work.

We at Technogiq always look to offer custom iPhone and android app development to our clients at an affordable price so that they can make the most of their business ideas. If you have an idea in mind, let’s get in touch.

How to Maximize Value of Your iOS App

Creating a mobile app can be a little tricky, but maximizing its value and taking full advantage of its existence or the reason for which it was created can be a daunting task. Any app that is created has a specific target and achieving that target is of the prime importance. Mobile app development companies while putting the idea into shape take care of this important factor. Without getting maximum value out of your mobile app it is difficult to achieve the goals set as an organization or individual.

Let’s learn about few ways by which you can maximize value of your iOS apps or any other mobile apps. Mobile app development companies must take note of these factors while designing and developing iOS apps for various set of customers.

Concept visualization

It is very important to understand the demography and the kind of audience you will be catering through your mobile app. If you are an iOS app development company looking to launch an app in any region you must understand the demography. That will help you design your app in a way that will be beneficial for your customers and gets the most out of your app.

Identifying content type

Good content will always help you interact with your customers in afriendly way. Onborading and welcome messages in particular should be present for customer retention and be used as a prominent feature in the mobile application. Companies providing mobile app development services often tend to neglect this very important feature.

Build different messaging channels

Push notification is a useful messaging channel to keep in touch with the customers. But what if most of the customers do not opt for them, then there are other ways through which you can build a meaningful message channel. iOS app development companies can make use of In-App messaging to engage large number of users efficiently. Another way could be message centers which act as in-box inside your app.

Utilize deep link strategy

Deep link strategy is the ability to redirect user to a page in the mobile app rather than the home page. These strategies are being used in iOS apps and other mobile apps where in a user clicks on a push notification and is redirect to the page rather than the home page. Another important strategy mobile app development companies can put into practice.

Creating unique identifier

This is perhaps the most important factor. Creating a unique identifier helps in targeted marketing. It also helps in understanding customer behavior and create better content for your audiences.

Mobile app development companies can make use of the above mentioned points to get the most out the mobile app. Any mobile app without a targeted goal cannot achieve its full potential. If you are looking to build your own iOS app and get it up and running in the market our team can provide you the best iOS app development services with an affordable price.

Top stories about iOS this week

Despite all the eye catching news regarding the iOS 13.5, new Apple launch bands and Apple ditching its own EarPods to name a few, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes that every technology enthusiast working on iOS app development to build custom iPhone apps must be aware about.

Here are a few things that will make life easier for an iOS app developer and companies providing iOS app development services to build customised and innovative iPhone apps:

1. Feedback assistant for developers

While working on iOS apps, the development ecosystem may work the way it should. For example, the mechanism of reporting bugs or request enhancement may not be as efficient. This feature is an easy and efficient way to submit bug reports and request enhancement to APIs and tools. More on this:

2. iOS app development easy through Xcode12

Xcode12, with all new look and feel, customizable font size for navigator and streamlined code completion to name a few, it Sis set to revolutionize the iOS app development world and greatly arm companies looking to provide quick and affordable iOS app development services. For example, Swift UI with new features and improved performance helps in writing better apps building customised iOS apps for iPhones etc. More on this:

3. App clips

This is one of the finest new features that has recently come in. For a customer who is getting his customised iOS app build, it provides quick and easy way to access as to what his iOS app has to offer. It also provides the developer an opportunity to get his app tested by the client at any point so that any challenges can be countered soon, and, in the end, a highly efficient iOS app can be delivered. More on this:

4. ARKit for Augmented Reality (iOS14)

Building AR apps for iOS just got so much better with ARKit. This kit provides several new features that will let developers build amazing and highly creative AR apps for iPhone and iPad users. iOS developers can make use of this framework to enhance viewing experience of users and develop highly creative and innovative iOS apps. More on this:

5. Machine Learning

Building intelligent and smart iOS apps by leveraging powerful on-device Machine learning just got a lot easier. It is now easy to build, train and deploy machine learning models on iPhone apps. More on this:

So above are few points which developers looking to build iOS apps and companies offering iOS app development services can surely take note off. These points if implemented can make iOS development easy and innovative, thus helping customers build fast, reliable, and affordable solution.

What are the most important Google Ranking Factors?

As we all know that Google introduces several factors to increase the ranking of the websites. Some of them are discussed below which will helpful for you to increase the ranking of the websites.

On Page SEO
To optimize the web pages On-page SEO factors are more helpful to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in SERP. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.

Meta Tags 
Meta tags are those snippets of text which describe the content of the webpage. Meta Tags are of 2 Types –

Meta Title – A title tag shows the title of an individual web page. It must be 50-60 characters long, including spaces.

Meta Description – The Meta description tag should be 160 characters long. This snippet is used to describe the content of the webpage. It must be unique for all the web pages of the website. Nicely written tag improves CTR.

URL Optimization
A URL, it is usually known as a web address, which states that, the location of a resource on the web

Content Optimization
This is the content of the webpage which you can see or read on a website

The way toward making your site’s landing page or a specific page on your site progressively alluring to web indexes and clients is called improvement. There are a few pieces of your site that we will survey and improve as a feature of this procedure. These incorporate the substance or duplicate, broken connections, title labels, and Meta labels. When these upgrades are actualized, web crawlers will think that it’s simpler to record your site and show it in important indexed lists.

Navigation in SEO
Navigation is a website composition process, yet it’s an exceptional effect on the SEO rankings.

Rich Snippets
Rich snippets stand apart from the other snippets. They look a lot more pleasant and you’ll in a split second know increasingly, just by taking a gander at them. Rich scraps are pieces that have a higher CTR.

Mobile Friendliness
The other major SEO ranking factor is mobile-friendliness. Nowadays, more people using mobile devices than desktops for accessing the web, that’s why this will help to increase the Google Ranking.

Would you like to grow your business in Digital Marketing Industry? Connect with us and let us help you to realize your potential.

Content Marketing Strategy that helps attract the Audiences

A good content marketing strategy is to produce and expand the quality, meaning and usefulness of the content to be written which attracts the attention of the general audience. This marketing strategy will help to gain the best results in promoting your content.

Mainly we need to focus on our target audience, their general interest, trending topics. We need to check whether they are interested in our topic or not and what all things we need to keep in mind while writing content. Our main aim is to circulate our rich content to the target audience in large numbers.

Here are some important points which highlight the importance of good content marketing strategy that helps to attract the audiences.

1. Concentrating on Audience

The important point in content marketing is targeting your general audience. We should thoroughly know what the audience wants, are we selling the right materials? and lastly, are they satisfied with our content or not?

2. Research on where the Audience is looking for Content

It is very important to find out where the Audience is looking for the Content, what they like in the content, why are they interested in checking these web pages or blog pages. According to their interest, we need to do a deep research and build some strategies to create attractive blog pages for Audiences.

3. Find out your Audiences’ interest first

Firstly, you should know your Audience’s interest where they are indulged and checking out for content. If they are busy looking for articles on LinkedIn, short-duration videos etc. then their favorite is LinkedIn. If they are spending time looking for articles and videos on Facebook, then their favorite is Facebook. The main thing is that our content should be written in a very attractive way so that Audience easily connect.

4. How to get to your Audience

Getting to your audience is another big task, here are some suggestions that helps find audiences-

  • Write a Blog- The blog is the only way to reach the audiences easily with high-quality    content
  • Use of Social Media Channels- Your content should be shared in large volume on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Promote the content through- Bloggers and Freelancers to write your content and publish
  • Through Email- The simple way to reach out to the audience is through email.

You can use any of the methods but need to choose the right one which suits you the best. Every method is different, and their tactics are different. The important part is that every method is very useful and helps attract the audiences.


To get the targeted audiences you need to check what exactly customers are looking for. By sustained effort and smart thinking, you can achieve your goals easily. Understand the audiences, their interests, and favorite online research topics. Technogiq IT Solutions is a leading Technology and Digital Marketing Company where we offer quality content marketing services which attract and engage your audience.

Top Best Digital Marketing Techniques to find your Online Digital Market!

Every business owner wants his business to reach more customers, to advertise the product and services, to increase the sales volume, know the current market trend and run over the opponent of a digital marketing agency. Now the competition is cutthroat and more challenging to gain a good place in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a web-based service where products and services of the website are marketed through the internet to promote the services in the best way.

Digital Marketing has great importance in today’s world. It has several main advantages where customers are used to it. Everything is searched through the internet which shows that internet users are increasing day by day. The strong base is delivering the best services to the right people at the appropriate time. The true success depends on how good you are treating your customers.

Technogiq IT Solutions is a leading Technology and Digital Marketing Company that deals in all digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Content Optimization, Creation of Strategic Reports, Google Analytics, Email Marketing. We build a good relationship with our clients to give the best results in terms of online presence in internet searches, lead generation, brand recognition, Keyword ranking of your website in SERPs.

Why should we do Digital Marketing in Today’s Time

1. To interact with your online prospects and indulge with the valuable customers according to the customer’s interest.
2. To get placed in the International Market.
3. To interact with the customers in which you can save money and time in comparison to the traditional method.
4. You can plan and work according to current market trends.

Usage of Digital Marketing in your business

  • You need to choose the best digital marketing platform to be visible to your customers in online searches
  • Online Brand Value
  • Digital marketing is the process where results can be achieved by sustained efforts according to SEO guidelines
  • It is a very effective way to find the places in Digital Market as compared to the old traditional practice

With this conclusion, digital marketing is very vital in this digital world. Our main approach is to understand the baseline of each project and consistently work on it to increase increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty, and get quality leads to our clients. Technogiq IT Solutions is a leading Technology and Digital Marketing Company where we put our client’s priorities first and get the best results to have solid visibility in Online Searches.

Top 5 Ways to get your blog Noticed by Audience in Search Engine

When your writing your blog, you need to keep in mind some fundamentals of Blog writing Tips. The important fact is your blog, it should be stand out and attract visitors. Maybe writing a blog is part of your hobby which gradually becomes your source of income in the future. If you need to get an appreciation for your writing skills. Your blog to be visible in online search results.

When there are thousands of blogs related to different categories over the internet, it is not an easy task to get noticed by the audience. What you need to do is, influence the visitors through your writing skills by good content, images, graphs, statistics and many more, which makes the audience understand your topic and interested to read the blog further.

Here are some simple tips which help your blog get noticed online:

1. Write Quality Content Regularly

Content is the main part of your blog or we can say that Content is king in your blog. This makes the audience very excited about the content and makes them interested in your blog. It is a very big task of creating quality content regularly. If you regularly perform by providing new informative, valuable, impressive content then definitely you get visitors. To post quality content is not the big thing but delivering it consistently is a big task. To get more visitors to your blog you need to give quality content and regularly publish new content consistently.

  • Content should be posted according to your niche
  • Content should be well written, which is easy to understand and makes interesting to read
  • Build learning tips from other websites

2. Content to be created according to SEO Strategies

Content to be practiced by SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the process to drive actual traffic to your blog. When you apply SEO plans and strategies to your website, then your chances get increased of getting good traffic and ranking in search engine results.

Implement the best SEO Practice to rank the keyword, by attracting and catchy Blog Titles with this practice your blog gets noticed online.

3. Build Good Backlinks

Link Building is also best practice to promote your blog as much as possible. Building quality backlinks on good and renowned websites. When creating a backlink, your website Domain Authority should be good.

Some other ways where link building benefits to your blog:

  • Getting Good Traffic- When we create links from high domain authority websites. The readers of that website get familiar with our blog that helps to get a large amount of traffic from there website.
  • Increase your credibility through third party websites.
  • Backlinks give a positive impression on your readers which help to gain good ranking in search engine results.

4. Social Media Activeness

Social Media presence is also a vital factor to get noticed online. Many peoples are browsing the internet through the social media platform. In their free time, they usually spend time on social media. Getting social media presence is a good idea where you can promote your blog.

  • Post fresh content regularly on your social media account
  • Get interact with the followers who generally share or comments in your post

5. Get in Touch with Bloggers

When you click to some other’s blogs, you can check the comment section at the bottom of the blog. Whenever we read the blogs, we usually post a comment on the comment sections. This builds a good relationship with bloggers. This is also the best way to getting connected with other bloggers.

Building a good relationship with bloggers increases the chance of referrals. In this way, we get encouraging and helping others in the post. This boost our morale and get noticed easily on web searches.


There is no rocket science in getting noticed online. You must practice some basic rules to be followed regularly. Moreover, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips that make your blog to be online and get noticed by the audiences. Technogiq IT Solutions delivers the best results in Digital Marketing Services. We help to get organic traffic which helps in boosting up your sales, Build Online presence in Search Engine Results.

Top 3 Tips for Writing Titles for Search Engine Friendly Websites

In the world of Search Engine, the content is called king and queen the title. Every content needs an attractive title. Almost 50% of the visitors come from the title’s post they see during search. In content writing, many bloggers focus on titles as that drives both content and traffic. Some suggestion collected from the google is called as google suggest or autocomplete blog writing but mostly it should come from the writer itself and should be free from plagiarism.

Inquisitive and catchy titles is your best shot to improved rankings during search which leads to increased traffic and higher audience turnout. Titles act as the backbone of the content that help your content stay shoulder to shoulder on the latest trends in the market. If the quality of your content is good, then it will be easy to get more visitors through organic as well as referral techniques.

If you would like to rank your blog higher in google search results to gain good traffic, here are some easy steps that will help in optimization of the blog.

What do you mean by Post Titles in Search Engine Friendly?

The title should be decided according to the content without much deviation. The most attractive and catchy title will be the life of the content. In many cases, Post title is based on content, if the title is missing in the content then there will be less chance of visitors visiting your blog page. It is mandatary to put meaningful title according to the content where content plays a vital role in getting good traffic.

The Post title should be simple and short as per the content. The content writer should keep in mind 3 things while writing the blog.

1. Proper use of Google Keyword Planner Tool

The writer can use a free tool called Google Keyword Planner or any other Keyword Finder tool to analyze keywords. While analyzing the keywords our keywords must have high search volume with low competition and high searches which will result in fruitful traffic on your blog or website.

This tool is very helpful in generating output according to local as well as global results in which most searched keywords are displayed and are helpful for Google AdWords Campaigns.

2. The Title Should be 70 Character in limit

The ideal limit for Title character in the content is 70 Character not more than that. The keywords should be used once in the title while avoid the repetition.

3. Title should be Short and simple.

In search engine, keywords play an important role. Keywords should be short and simple according to the content. Most attractive keywords should be used to derive the results in the search engine. The Google bots like simple and short and clear Titles to gather the information according to the customer’s search query in Search engine.


We need to create appropriate post Titles according to the content. Few main points to be kept in mind while creating the content with matched post titles are as follows:

1. We need to use a good Keyword Tool to analyze the keywords.

2. Title should be clear, short, simple, and concise.

3. The Title should not be more than 70 characters.

By implementing above mentioned points, we can rank the blog higher in search engine results with optimized content with Search Engine Friendly Titles.

Want to Grow your Business in the Digital Marketing Industry? Get in Touch with Technogiq IT Solutions and Contact our Digital Marketing Team and let us help you realize your potential and growth.

Cloud Computing Services for Small Business is Popular now

We are one of the best IT firm offering Cloud Computing Services, Business IT solutions, Cloud Based Application Development and Cloud Computing Architecture. Get secured Cloud computing services in your business with a long-lasting strategy with the help of a qualified team. Cloud Computing is the process where many systems are connected through public or private networks, to collect the information for the secure application, data file and storage. With the help of this technology, the cost of hosting, storage and computation is get decreased.

Cloud computing provides a custom environment in your business. It focuses on the acuteness of the organizations, Low maintenance, Cost Reductions, and fast phase of Architectural coalition for your Company.

List are some benefits of Cloud Computing:

1. It reduced the cost

In cloud computing services the cost is reduced as compared to other computing services. The billing method is fixed as per the usage of the services. The initial part of expenses and other expense is very much low.

2. Low maintenance

Cloud computing requires low maintenance, as it is not required any desired server and no hardware too. It reduces total maintenance and capital costs. The cloud provides data centers for continuity and backups for the business.

3. Storage to be Increased

With the vast infrastructure by cloud computing services, the storage level is increased in a large volume of data. The frequent workload is managed very efficiently.

4. Cloud Computing Requires Flexibility

Cloud computing is accelerating very fast to get applications to the business market. To ensure in creating building blocks according to business.

5. Cloud Computing with High Speed

It requires to deploy your services as quickly as possible in fewer clicks. This fast deployment method allows you to get the resources to be completed for your system within a short duration of the period.

6. Easy Mobility

It is another benefit is the easy mobility of the cloud services. Those who are working in remote locations can easily access cloud services with the help of the Internet.

7. Deployment can be done quickly

In cloud computing services deployment can be done rapidly when you decide to work in the cloud, the system gets functioned very quickly in minutes. It depends upon what technologies are used in your business.


Cloud Computing services are the fastest increasing business in the part of network-based computing. Our support team is capable and delivers the best in the field of Cloud Computing Services. We study the project very deeply and get to the conclusion and come with better plans and ideas at Technogiq IT Solutions. We are giving the best results in the limited time to find accurate solutions for your business.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak Happens in Our Community

As pandemic spreads swiftly, it’s impressive to see how each of us is handling the ongoing explosion and uncertainties around COVID-19. First and foremost, we are all concerned about wellbeing and health of ourselves, and of the people around us friends, family and our colleagues. These concerns plus rapid development of global spread of virus globally and of the measure is being taken by government bodies together make that hard work, and lots of creativity and adaptability are required to continue this operation. We all discussed this matter with their colleagues and line manager, but I would like to update you on some specifics-

Self-quarantine requirements:

Any people arriving from affected areas as per the WHO current list or in cases where deemed necessary, should apply a 14 days self-quarantine regime. Should avoid any gathering till the end of isolation period. It’s important to understand that self-isolation is only applicable to people who have contacted the virus. If the quarantined person feels well, they may go outside (by using private vehicle) for a limited period to take care of daily routine and necessary activities. Try to avoid rush hours of day.

Personal hygiene and social distance:

Be socially responsible, if you are sick stay at home, and maintain good hygiene. Keep respectable distance from others, limit walk around or use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask when doing so, limit the number of people in one room, don’t shake hands, avoid close contact with people, stay in touch with others by phone or email.

Clean and disinfect your home or office to remove germs, practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, nose and eyes. The cleaning regime has again been increased but for any concern and suggestion please concert doctor.
A big request to all of you to proactively act to mitigate certain exposure risk. Any great ideas or suggestions please share them with all.

During a COVID-19 (respiratory virus) outbreak in our community, stay home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed. Avoid crowds, especially in unhygienic places, your risk of exposure may increase in crowded, closed-in settings with little air circulation if there are people in the crowd who are sick. Avoid all non-essential travel including Flight, train, bus or travel on cruise ships.

Worldwide cases till 19th March 2020 (6:38 pm) – 226,418
Deaths- 9,285
Recovered- 85,831


Every concern country which are affected widely are so angry and helpless why they didn’t take this issue seriously this lockdown situation must be on the moment Chinese virus started. Many lives would have been saved, why authority act always late when crises are high. When we don’t have antidote of any disease at least such issues which are rampanting the country who must advice all to lock down so that such problem cannot be in future. Universal lockdown is the only conclusion to defeat the virus till the vaccine would not invent. Countries which are in a strict lockdown found unintended benefits. Those people who are breaking the lockdown law are putting problem not only for them but for the society also. Aim of lockdown is to reverse epidemic growth, reducing case numbers by social distancing the entire population.

How 5G networks changing the face of Mobile App Development

Benefits of 5G Network on Mobile App Development

5G is all set to increase connectivity across networks which are very important for many electronic devices to generate data in real-time. The growth in the 5G-enabled services for the different industries has made it possible for mobile app developers to look creative.  

“5G is expected to hit the market by 2020 and by 2021, the number of 5G connections is predicted to reach between 20 million and 100 million “. 5G communication networks will prepare the human ecosystem beyond text messages, voice calls, video calls, internet surfing, and mobile application accessing towards making the human surroundings sharp.

Advantages of 5G Network Are:

Mixed Reality

The next big creation that dependent on the 5G network is mixed reality. It needed high speed and bandwidth to allow AR and VR to expand. 5G network perfectly suites mixed reality requirements and help Mobile app developers to use their creativity. 

High Speed

With the 5G network, data transfer speed is predicted to be about 10 times higher as compared to 4G. Now Mobile app users can send images and videos with significantly faster speed. Through this tremendous speed, app developers will also use HD images and videos while mobile app development.

Currently, with 4G speed downloading an HD movie take about 10 to 15 minutes but with 5G, it will hardly take less than a second.

Small Delays

The 5G network will let internet users browse the web, download files, and even stream video at the fastest speeds. Todays in 3G and 4G networks, people struggle to download files or watching videos but this will not be a problem with 5G networks. Because of the increased bandwidth, Mobile App Development companies will also be able to test applications and send real-time data without any delay.

 Increased Connectivity

Cell towers integrated with 5G technology would have the infinite capacity as compared to 4G/LTE. That will allow more people to communicate with each other at the same time. With this, the growth of smart devices will also increase and it will directly expand the mobile app industry.

Challenges Associated with Use of 5G in Mobile Apps

1. Security matter

With greater speed will come a greater increase in the number of connected devices and networks – something that will create an alternative in terms of security.

2. Formation of 5G Based Business Model

The network speed which 5G is likely to be launched with will demand business models that make the most of its potential, something the mobile app strategists need to think a lot about.

3. Multiple versions of the application

With 5G coming into practice, the app audience will be getting divided into inconsistent. There will be those who have 5G-fit devices and then those who are still working on devices with 2 G or LTE versions.

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The access to the 5G network is predicted to expand dramatically in 2020. This lightweight network will bring solid connection, phenomenal speed on smartphones and putting interactive data before the users’ eyes. With 5G, we’ll see new emerging technologies will pop up on phones, and on our computer screens.