5 Big reasons that affect the ranking of your product page

There are several reasons why the product page of your business isn’t ranking. It involves any scenario like optimization of the product page is not included in your SEO strategy’s checklist, lack of knowledge for product page optimization, or sometimes, even after trying so hard, the page doesn’t rank up.

Many eCommerce companies often offer a significant quantity of time for the optimization of land pages only. They regularly allocate lots of their SEO efforts and monetary resources to the high-funnel pages and put the product page optimization on the table. Before enlisting a few key reasons why your eCommerce internet site’s product page might not be ranking, allow us to shed a little light on the significance of optimized product pages for better leads, sales, and conversions.

Let’s see the 5 biggest reasons that affect the ranking of your product page:

Your product web page might not be ranking for several reasons. Here are a few common reasons that affect the ranking of your product page

1) Poor Research of Keywords

Keyword research plays an important role, while we are talking about the organic search
visibility of your product page. It involves finding relevant keywords to your services and
products, and then, optimizing your page against those researched keywords that will enable you to rank your product page.

2) Create Generic Titles

Titles are crucial in the product page’s ranking of your eCommerce internet site. Try to avoid making them too generic, but as an alternative make them concise, actionable, and rich with keywords. Additionally, try to create titles that will be unique for your eCommerce, and have never been used before.

3) Overlook Meta Tags and Data

Meta tags are the optimized tags or descriptions of your particular page, where the bots of
search engines come and skimmed the information about your business. Your page will not be going to rank if you don’t include meta tags and data on your website.

4) Using Plagiarized Content

Content that is simply copied and pasted from competition’s websites will don’t have any
appropriate use on your site, and that is the reason that affects the ranking of your product
page. To make your web page rank, it is vital to create fresh and unique product web page
content that mainly involves titles, product descriptions, and tags.

5) Product Image Optimization Failure

Optimization of a product image is another main reason, why your page might not be
organically ranking. Make sure that the images of your products are nicely optimized and meet the standards consisting of length, dimension, and layout of the image (PNG, GIF, and JPEG). Too many heavy photos generally tend to slow down the speed of a product’s web page loading and hence, creating a bad experience for their users and consequently negative rating.

These are the 5 big reasons that affect the ranking of your product page.

Final Thoughts:

Your business’s product page won’t be ranking for numerous reasons that include ineffective research of keywords, generic web page titles, and overlooking Meta descriptions. Similarly, duplication of product page content and not having fully optimized product images also do now not permit pages to rank in the search engines.

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