Top 3 cross selling and up selling plugins for WooCommerce

When you decide to increase your e-commerce digital marketing company website’s revenue, you can use these two proven ways: one is to gain new customers, and the second is to increase the value of sales from your existing customers. So, to accomplish the first option, you need lots of investment and marketing efforts. On the other side, the second option can be achieved only by doing a few twists in your eCommerce site.

What are Up-selling and Cross-selling?

By displaying your buyers an improved version of the product that they are purchasing already, this way you will not only enhance business value but also provide a better experience for them. This method is considered as Up-Selling.

In the same way, showing buyers the compatibility of products and regularly buying from each other, will boost your sales value. It will encourage them to buy more products from you. This is considered as Cross-Selling.

That is why WooCommerce provides built-in options that help businesses to cross-sell and upsell their products. However, these built-in features will not offer the scalability and flexibility that many businesses owner want, it becomes the reason why 3rd party extensions of WooCommerce emerged to do their job. Also, Website development using WordPress is still on top.

Here, we will discuss the top cross-selling and up-selling WooCommerce plugins. So, let us begin:

1. WISDM Customized Product Boxes

This up-selling plugin helps you to upsell your goods and services by creating bundles of products that can be sold out in various packages.

The main benefits of this plugin are:

  • A customized front-end box that allows changing the styling and layout of product boxes.
  • You can allow buyers to generate bundles on their own.
  • Set a dynamic or fixed price on every bundle, according to the product added to the cart.

2. YITH Plugin – WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

YITH is a highly recognized brand in the business of WordPress plugins. They sell various plugins, themes, and other services that make your website better. One plugin out of them shows those products that are commonly bought with each other on your product page, and this encourages cross-selling.

The major benefits of this plugin are:

  • You can customize and change its link text, image size, widget placement, and anything you wanted to.
  • Create automatic bundles of products based on the up-sales and cross-sales data of your site.
  • Set a valid discount option on your products that are bought together.

3. Beeketing Plugin

This is an automated eCommerce platform that builds several products for eCommerce websites, and along with them it is a set of different WooCommerce development extensions; it enables many website functionalities. This plugin provides help for both cross-selling and upselling of the product.

Its major benefits are:

  • It provides AI mechanized cross-selling functionality so that you don’t have to create the bundles of products yourselves
  • Give notifications of recent orders that boost the confidence of customers and hence it encourages cross-selling.
  • It offers several other features like mailbot email marketing, shopping cart countdown timer, customized recommendations, etc.

Final Thought:

This is the list of top 3 cross-selling and up-selling plugins for WooCommerce that you can install to boost your site’s revenue. At the starting of this article, we have explained that increasing revenue from existing customers is easy as compared to acquiring new buyers.

For more information about these plugins- How to use them? Why use? Feel free to connect with us at Technogiq IT Solutions.

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