Top 5 Reasons Why You Need JavaScript in Your Website

JavaScript is an internet programming language. You will see Js i.e., JavaScript everywhere on the internet. Every programmer should necessarily learn these three languages – 

  1. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  2. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  3. JavaScript (Js) 

Hypertext Markup Language notifies the browser of what content has to be shown on your website pages. Cascading Style Sheets notifies the browser that how to put down the content and makes its format looks great. JavaScript manages the behaviour of your web page. All scrolling animations, cool transitions, popup, and other attractive features of contemporary websites were created with the help of JavaScript.

Let see how JavaScript helps to improve your website

1. Client-Side Programming:

It is one of those few computer languages that does not run on a server that hosts various web pages. The time taken to load a web page on the client’s browser should be as low as possible; this should be checked by a web developer. The higher the loading time of a web page, the lesser the client experience. Animations of JavaScript use the device of their viewers to run themselves. 

2. Curves for small learning:

Java is not the only computer programming language; few more languages are used on the web like C++, Python, etc. But this JavaScript is more popular than other languages among developers is because it is so easy to understand. Also, the syntax used in JavaScript is so similar to the English language. If a developer created your website by using JavaScript, it helps you to attract more targeted audiences because it opens your website as faster as possible. 

3. JavaScript is companionable with other computer languages too:

A website server uses various computer languages to run perfectly; PHP, Rails, Python, Ruby, Java, and ASP.NET are some examples. Apart from the computer language used on a server, the viewers of your website always get a responsive, wealthy experience; it is so because Java goes perfectly with any of the above computer languages.

4. Use of DOM Model:

The DOM model is a technique for creating a web page, thus its aspects are fashioned as objects and have their properties as well. This feature allows Java to relate easily with every aspect of this model and thus, JavaScript uses it for animation purposes or alterations with minimum issues. The Document Object Model (DOM), is not a computer programming language; it is a universal thing. Any developer can create a Document Object Model for a website page by using JavaScript. 

5. Compiler free computer language programming:

Previously conventional coding makes use of a compiler. A browser always uses a compiler for the translation purpose of unprocessed code into a readable syntax. But this process takes much time and thus, increases the time to load any web page. Also, it increases the development time of any website. While any website using JavaScript development did not take loading time and it is properly read as well.

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