Top 5 Ways to get your blog Noticed by Audience in Search Engine

When your writing your blog, you need to keep in mind some fundamentals of Blog writing Tips. The important fact is your blog, it should be stand out and attract visitors. Maybe writing a blog is part of your hobby which gradually becomes your source of income in the future. If you need to get an appreciation for your writing skills. Your blog to be visible in online search results.

When there are thousands of blogs related to different categories over the internet, it is not an easy task to get noticed by the audience. What you need to do is, influence the visitors through your writing skills by good content, images, graphs, statistics and many more, which makes the audience understand your topic and interested to read the blog further.

Here are some simple tips which help your blog get noticed online:

1. Write Quality Content Regularly

Content is the main part of your blog or we can say that Content is king in your blog. This makes the audience very excited about the content and makes them interested in your blog. It is a very big task of creating quality content regularly. If you regularly perform by providing new informative, valuable, impressive content then definitely you get visitors. To post quality content is not the big thing but delivering it consistently is a big task. To get more visitors to your blog you need to give quality content and regularly publish new content consistently.

  • Content should be posted according to your niche
  • Content should be well written, which is easy to understand and makes interesting to read
  • Build learning tips from other websites

2. Content to be created according to SEO Strategies

Content to be practiced by SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the process to drive actual traffic to your blog. When you apply SEO plans and strategies to your website, then your chances get increased of getting good traffic and ranking in search engine results.

Implement the best SEO Practice to rank the keyword, by attracting and catchy Blog Titles with this practice your blog gets noticed online.

3. Build Good Backlinks

Link Building is also best practice to promote your blog as much as possible. Building quality backlinks on good and renowned websites. When creating a backlink, your website Domain Authority should be good.

Some other ways where link building benefits to your blog:

  • Getting Good Traffic- When we create links from high domain authority websites. The readers of that website get familiar with our blog that helps to get a large amount of traffic from there website.
  • Increase your credibility through third party websites.
  • Backlinks give a positive impression on your readers which help to gain good ranking in search engine results.

4. Social Media Activeness

Social Media presence is also a vital factor to get noticed online. Many peoples are browsing the internet through the social media platform. In their free time, they usually spend time on social media. Getting social media presence is a good idea where you can promote your blog.

  • Post fresh content regularly on your social media account
  • Get interact with the followers who generally share or comments in your post

5. Get in Touch with Bloggers

When you click to some other’s blogs, you can check the comment section at the bottom of the blog. Whenever we read the blogs, we usually post a comment on the comment sections. This builds a good relationship with bloggers. This is also the best way to getting connected with other bloggers.

Building a good relationship with bloggers increases the chance of referrals. In this way, we get encouraging and helping others in the post. This boost our morale and get noticed easily on web searches.


There is no rocket science in getting noticed online. You must practice some basic rules to be followed regularly. Moreover, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips that make your blog to be online and get noticed by the audiences. Technogiq IT Solutions delivers the best results in Digital Marketing Services. We help to get organic traffic which helps in boosting up your sales, Build Online presence in Search Engine Results.

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