Top 3 Tips for Writing Titles for Search Engine Friendly Websites

In the world of Search Engine, the content is called king and queen the title. Every content needs an attractive title. Almost 50% of the visitors come from the title’s post they see during search. In content writing, many bloggers focus on titles as that drives both content and traffic. Some suggestion collected from the google is called as google suggest or autocomplete blog writing but mostly it should come from the writer itself and should be free from plagiarism.

Inquisitive and catchy titles is your best shot to improved rankings during search which leads to increased traffic and higher audience turnout. Titles act as the backbone of the content that help your content stay shoulder to shoulder on the latest trends in the market. If the quality of your content is good, then it will be easy to get more visitors through organic as well as referral techniques.

If you would like to rank your blog higher in google search results to gain good traffic, here are some easy steps that will help in optimization of the blog.

What do you mean by Post Titles in Search Engine Friendly?

The title should be decided according to the content without much deviation. The most attractive and catchy title will be the life of the content. In many cases, Post title is based on content, if the title is missing in the content then there will be less chance of visitors visiting your blog page. It is mandatary to put meaningful title according to the content where content plays a vital role in getting good traffic.

The Post title should be simple and short as per the content. The content writer should keep in mind 3 things while writing the blog.

1. Proper use of Google Keyword Planner Tool

The writer can use a free tool called Google Keyword Planner or any other Keyword Finder tool to analyze keywords. While analyzing the keywords our keywords must have high search volume with low competition and high searches which will result in fruitful traffic on your blog or website.

This tool is very helpful in generating output according to local as well as global results in which most searched keywords are displayed and are helpful for Google AdWords Campaigns.

2. The Title Should be 70 Character in limit

The ideal limit for Title character in the content is 70 Character not more than that. The keywords should be used once in the title while avoid the repetition.

3. Title should be Short and simple.

In search engine, keywords play an important role. Keywords should be short and simple according to the content. Most attractive keywords should be used to derive the results in the search engine. The Google bots like simple and short and clear Titles to gather the information according to the customer’s search query in Search engine.


We need to create appropriate post Titles according to the content. Few main points to be kept in mind while creating the content with matched post titles are as follows:

1. We need to use a good Keyword Tool to analyze the keywords.

2. Title should be clear, short, simple, and concise.

3. The Title should not be more than 70 characters.

By implementing above mentioned points, we can rank the blog higher in search engine results with optimized content with Search Engine Friendly Titles.

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