What are the most important Google Ranking Factors?

As we all know that Google introduces several factors to increase the ranking of the websites. Some of them are discussed below which will helpful for you to increase the ranking of the websites.

On Page SEO
To optimize the web pages On-page SEO factors are more helpful to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in SERP. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.

Meta Tags 
Meta tags are those snippets of text which describe the content of the webpage. Meta Tags are of 2 Types –

Meta Title – A title tag shows the title of an individual web page. It must be 50-60 characters long, including spaces.

Meta Description – The Meta description tag should be 160 characters long. This snippet is used to describe the content of the webpage. It must be unique for all the web pages of the website. Nicely written tag improves CTR.

URL Optimization
A URL, it is usually known as a web address, which states that, the location of a resource on the web

Content Optimization
This is the content of the webpage which you can see or read on a website

The way toward making your site’s landing page or a specific page on your site progressively alluring to web indexes and clients is called improvement. There are a few pieces of your site that we will survey and improve as a feature of this procedure. These incorporate the substance or duplicate, broken connections, title labels, and Meta labels. When these upgrades are actualized, web crawlers will think that it’s simpler to record your site and show it in important indexed lists.

Navigation in SEO
Navigation is a website composition process, yet it’s an exceptional effect on the SEO rankings.

Rich Snippets
Rich snippets stand apart from the other snippets. They look a lot more pleasant and you’ll in a split second know increasingly, just by taking a gander at them. Rich scraps are pieces that have a higher CTR.

Mobile Friendliness
The other major SEO ranking factor is mobile-friendliness. Nowadays, more people using mobile devices than desktops for accessing the web, that’s why this will help to increase the Google Ranking.

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