Top Best Digital Marketing Techniques to find your Online Digital Market!

Digital Marketing

Every business owner wants his business to reach more customers, to advertise the product and services, to increase the sales volume, know the current market trend and run over the opponent of a digital marketing agency. Now the competition is cutthroat and more challenging to gain a good place in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a web-based service where products and services of the website are marketed through the internet to promote the services in the best way.

Digital Marketing has great importance in today’s world. It has several main advantages where customers are used to it. Everything is searched through the internet which shows that internet users are increasing day by day. The strong base is delivering the best services to the right people at the appropriate time. The true success depends on how good you are treating your customers.

Technogiq IT Solutions is a leading Technology and Digital Marketing Company that deals in all digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Content Optimization, Creation of Strategic Reports, Google Analytics, Email Marketing. We build a good relationship with our clients to give the best results in terms of online presence in internet searches, lead generation, brand recognition, Keyword ranking of your website in SERPs.

Why should we do Digital Marketing in Today’s Time

1. To interact with your online prospects and indulge with the valuable customers according to the customer’s interest.
2. To get placed in the International Market.
3. To interact with the customers in which you can save money and time in comparison to the traditional method.
4. You can plan and work according to current market trends.

Usage of Digital Marketing in your business

  • You need to choose the best digital marketing platform to be visible to your customers in online searches
  • Online Brand Value
  • Digital marketing is the process where results can be achieved by sustained efforts according to SEO guidelines
  • It is a very effective way to find the places in Digital Market as compared to the old traditional practice

With this conclusion, digital marketing is very vital in this digital world. Our main approach is to understand the baseline of each project and consistently work on it to increase increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty, and get quality leads to our clients. Technogiq IT Solutions is a leading Technology and Digital Marketing Company where we put our client’s priorities first and get the best results to have solid visibility in Online Searches.

Top 5 Ways to get your blog Noticed by Audience in Search Engine

Search Engine

When your writing your blog, you need to keep in mind some fundamentals of Blog writing Tips. The important fact is your blog, it should be stand out and attract visitors. Maybe writing a blog is part of your hobby which gradually becomes your source of income in the future. If you need to get an appreciation for your writing skills. Your blog to be visible in online search results.

When there are thousands of blogs related to different categories over the internet, it is not an easy task to get noticed by the audience. What you need to do is, influence the visitors through your writing skills by good content, images, graphs, statistics and many more, which makes the audience understand your topic and interested to read the blog further.

Here are some simple tips which help your blog get noticed online:

1. Write Quality Content Regularly

Content is the main part of your blog or we can say that Content is king in your blog. This makes the audience very excited about the content and makes them interested in your blog. It is a very big task of creating quality content regularly. If you regularly perform by providing new informative, valuable, impressive content then definitely you get visitors. To post quality content is not the big thing but delivering it consistently is a big task. To get more visitors to your blog you need to give quality content and regularly publish new content consistently.

  • Content should be posted according to your niche
  • Content should be well written, which is easy to understand and makes interesting to read
  • Build learning tips from other websites

2. Content to be created according to SEO Strategies

Content to be practiced by SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the process to drive actual traffic to your blog. When you apply SEO plans and strategies to your website, then your chances get increased of getting good traffic and ranking in search engine results.

Implement the best SEO Practice to rank the keyword, by attracting and catchy Blog Titles with this practice your blog gets noticed online.

3. Build Good Backlinks

Link Building is also best practice to promote your blog as much as possible. Building quality backlinks on good and renowned websites. When creating a backlink, your website Domain Authority should be good.

Some other ways where link building benefits to your blog:

  • Getting Good Traffic- When we create links from high domain authority websites. The readers of that website get familiar with our blog that helps to get a large amount of traffic from there website.
  • Increase your credibility through third party websites.
  • Backlinks give a positive impression on your readers which help to gain good ranking in search engine results.

4. Social Media Activeness

Social Media presence is also a vital factor to get noticed online. Many peoples are browsing the internet through the social media platform. In their free time, they usually spend time on social media. Getting social media presence is a good idea where you can promote your blog.

  • Post fresh content regularly on your social media account
  • Get interact with the followers who generally share or comments in your post

5. Get in Touch with Bloggers

When you click to some other’s blogs, you can check the comment section at the bottom of the blog. Whenever we read the blogs, we usually post a comment on the comment sections. This builds a good relationship with bloggers. This is also the best way to getting connected with other bloggers.

Building a good relationship with bloggers increases the chance of referrals. In this way, we get encouraging and helping others in the post. This boost our morale and get noticed easily on web searches.


There is no rocket science in getting noticed online. You must practice some basic rules to be followed regularly. Moreover, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips that make your blog to be online and get noticed by the audiences. Technogiq IT Solutions delivers the best results in Digital Marketing Services. We help to get organic traffic which helps in boosting up your sales, Build Online presence in Search Engine Results.

Top 3 Tips for Writing Titles for Search Engine Friendly Websites

Search Engine Friendly

In the world of Search Engine, the content is called king and queen the title. Every content needs an attractive title. Almost 50% of the visitors come from the title’s post they see during search. In content writing, many bloggers focus on titles as that drives both content and traffic. Some suggestion collected from the google is called as google suggest or autocomplete blog writing but mostly it should come from the writer itself and should be free from plagiarism.

Inquisitive and catchy titles is your best shot to improved rankings during search which leads to increased traffic and higher audience turnout. Titles act as the backbone of the content that help your content stay shoulder to shoulder on the latest trends in the market. If the quality of your content is good, then it will be easy to get more visitors through organic as well as referral techniques.

If you would like to rank your blog higher in google search results to gain good traffic, here are some easy steps that will help in optimization of the blog.

What do you mean by Post Titles in Search Engine Friendly?

The title should be decided according to the content without much deviation. The most attractive and catchy title will be the life of the content. In many cases, Post title is based on content, if the title is missing in the content then there will be less chance of visitors visiting your blog page. It is mandatary to put meaningful title according to the content where content plays a vital role in getting good traffic.

The Post title should be simple and short as per the content. The content writer should keep in mind 3 things while writing the blog.

1. Proper use of Google Keyword Planner Tool

The writer can use a free tool called Google Keyword Planner or any other Keyword Finder tool to analyze keywords. While analyzing the keywords our keywords must have high search volume with low competition and high searches which will result in fruitful traffic on your blog or website.

This tool is very helpful in generating output according to local as well as global results in which most searched keywords are displayed and are helpful for Google AdWords Campaigns.

2. The Title Should be 70 Character in limit

The ideal limit for Title character in the content is 70 Character not more than that. The keywords should be used once in the title while avoid the repetition.

3. Title should be Short and simple.

In search engine, keywords play an important role. Keywords should be short and simple according to the content. Most attractive keywords should be used to derive the results in the search engine. The Google bots like simple and short and clear Titles to gather the information according to the customer’s search query in Search engine.


We need to create appropriate post Titles according to the content. Few main points to be kept in mind while creating the content with matched post titles are as follows:

1. We need to use a good Keyword Tool to analyze the keywords.

2. Title should be clear, short, simple, and concise.

3. The Title should not be more than 70 characters.

By implementing above mentioned points, we can rank the blog higher in search engine results with optimized content with Search Engine Friendly Titles.

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Cloud Computing Services for Small Business is Popular now

Cloud Computing Services

We are one of the best IT firm offering Cloud Computing Services, Business IT solutions, Cloud Based Application Development and Cloud Computing Architecture. Get secured Cloud computing services in your business with a long-lasting strategy with the help of a qualified team. Cloud Computing is the process where many systems are connected through public or private networks, to collect the information for the secure application, data file and storage. With the help of this technology, the cost of hosting, storage and computation is get decreased.

Cloud computing provides a custom environment in your business. It focuses on the acuteness of the organizations, Low maintenance, Cost Reductions, and fast phase of Architectural coalition for your Company.

List are some benefits of Cloud Computing:

1. It reduced the cost

In cloud computing services the cost is reduced as compared to other computing services. The billing method is fixed as per the usage of the services. The initial part of expenses and other expense is very much low.

2. Low maintenance

Cloud computing requires low maintenance, as it is not required any desired server and no hardware too. It reduces total maintenance and capital costs. The cloud provides data centers for continuity and backups for the business.

3. Storage to be Increased

With the vast infrastructure by cloud computing services, the storage level is increased in a large volume of data. The frequent workload is managed very efficiently.

4. Cloud Computing Requires Flexibility

Cloud computing is accelerating very fast to get applications to the business market. To ensure in creating building blocks according to business.

5. Cloud Computing with High Speed

It requires to deploy your services as quickly as possible in fewer clicks. This fast deployment method allows you to get the resources to be completed for your system within a short duration of the period.

6. Easy Mobility

It is another benefit is the easy mobility of the cloud services. Those who are working in remote locations can easily access cloud services with the help of the Internet.

7. Deployment can be done quickly

In cloud computing services deployment can be done rapidly when you decide to work in the cloud, the system gets functioned very quickly in minutes. It depends upon what technologies are used in your business.


Cloud Computing services are the fastest increasing business in the part of network-based computing. Our support team is capable and delivers the best in the field of Cloud Computing Services. We study the project very deeply and get to the conclusion and come with better plans and ideas at Technogiq IT Solutions. We are giving the best results in the limited time to find accurate solutions for your business.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak Happens in Our Community


As pandemic spreads swiftly, it’s impressive to see how each of us is handling the ongoing explosion and uncertainties around COVID-19. First and foremost, we are all concerned about wellbeing and health of ourselves, and of the people around us friends, family and our colleagues. These concerns plus rapid development of global spread of virus globally and of the measure is being taken by government bodies together make that hard work, and lots of creativity and adaptability are required to continue this operation. We all discussed this matter with their colleagues and line manager, but I would like to update you on some specifics-

Self-quarantine requirements:

Any people arriving from affected areas as per the WHO current list or in cases where deemed necessary, should apply a 14 days self-quarantine regime. Should avoid any gathering till the end of isolation period. It’s important to understand that self-isolation is only applicable to people who have contacted the virus. If the quarantined person feels well, they may go outside (by using private vehicle) for a limited period to take care of daily routine and necessary activities. Try to avoid rush hours of day.

Personal hygiene and social distance:

Be socially responsible, if you are sick stay at home, and maintain good hygiene. Keep respectable distance from others, limit walk around or use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask when doing so, limit the number of people in one room, don’t shake hands, avoid close contact with people, stay in touch with others by phone or email.

Clean and disinfect your home or office to remove germs, practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, nose and eyes. The cleaning regime has again been increased but for any concern and suggestion please concert doctor.
A big request to all of you to proactively act to mitigate certain exposure risk. Any great ideas or suggestions please share them with all.

During a COVID-19 (respiratory virus) outbreak in our community, stay home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed. Avoid crowds, especially in unhygienic places, your risk of exposure may increase in crowded, closed-in settings with little air circulation if there are people in the crowd who are sick. Avoid all non-essential travel including Flight, train, bus or travel on cruise ships.

Worldwide cases till 19th March 2020 (6:38 pm) – 226,418
Deaths- 9,285
Recovered- 85,831


Every concern country which are affected widely are so angry and helpless why they didn’t take this issue seriously this lockdown situation must be on the moment Chinese virus started. Many lives would have been saved, why authority act always late when crises are high. When we don’t have antidote of any disease at least such issues which are rampanting the country who must advice all to lock down so that such problem cannot be in future. Universal lockdown is the only conclusion to defeat the virus till the vaccine would not invent. Countries which are in a strict lockdown found unintended benefits. Those people who are breaking the lockdown law are putting problem not only for them but for the society also. Aim of lockdown is to reverse epidemic growth, reducing case numbers by social distancing the entire population.

How 5G networks changing the face of Mobile App Development

5G networks

Benefits of 5G Network on Mobile App Development

5G is all set to increase connectivity across networks which are very important for many electronic devices to generate data in real-time. The growth in the 5G-enabled services for the different industries has made it possible for mobile app developers to look creative.  

“5G is expected to hit the market by 2020 and by 2021, the number of 5G connections is predicted to reach between 20 million and 100 million “. 5G communication networks will prepare the human ecosystem beyond text messages, voice calls, video calls, internet surfing, and mobile application accessing towards making the human surroundings sharp.

Advantages of 5G Network Are:

Mixed Reality

The next big creation that dependent on the 5G network is mixed reality. It needed high speed and bandwidth to allow AR and VR to expand. 5G network perfectly suites mixed reality requirements and help Mobile app developers to use their creativity. 

High Speed

With the 5G network, data transfer speed is predicted to be about 10 times higher as compared to 4G. Now Mobile app users can send images and videos with significantly faster speed. Through this tremendous speed, app developers will also use HD images and videos while mobile app development.

Currently, with 4G speed downloading an HD movie take about 10 to 15 minutes but with 5G, it will hardly take less than a second.

Small Delays

The 5G network will let internet users browse the web, download files, and even stream video at the fastest speeds. Todays in 3G and 4G networks, people struggle to download files or watching videos but this will not be a problem with 5G networks. Because of the increased bandwidth, Mobile App Development companies will also be able to test applications and send real-time data without any delay.

 Increased Connectivity

Cell towers integrated with 5G technology would have the infinite capacity as compared to 4G/LTE. That will allow more people to communicate with each other at the same time. With this, the growth of smart devices will also increase and it will directly expand the mobile app industry.

Challenges Associated with Use of 5G in Mobile Apps

1. Security matter

With greater speed will come a greater increase in the number of connected devices and networks – something that will create an alternative in terms of security.

2. Formation of 5G Based Business Model

The network speed which 5G is likely to be launched with will demand business models that make the most of its potential, something the mobile app strategists need to think a lot about.

3. Multiple versions of the application

With 5G coming into practice, the app audience will be getting divided into inconsistent. There will be those who have 5G-fit devices and then those who are still working on devices with 2 G or LTE versions.

Want to solve these Challenges? Get in Touch with Technogiq IT Solutions and Contact our Custom Mobile App Development Team to learn how to prepare your app for the 5G race even before it’s here.

The access to the 5G network is predicted to expand dramatically in 2020. This lightweight network will bring solid connection, phenomenal speed on smartphones and putting interactive data before the users’ eyes. With 5G, we’ll see new emerging technologies will pop up on phones, and on our computer screens.